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Conference Abstract22-Nov-2018Analysis of the impact on the environment of cars with gasoline and electric motorsOdnorih, Zoriana; Tymchuk, Ivan; Zhydun, Vasyl
Article24-Feb-2020Composting as one of the prospective methods of recycling the organic component of municipal solid wasteStoroshchuk, Ulana; Malovanyy, Myroslav; Tymchuk, Ivan
Conference Abstract22-Nov-2018Creation of a substrate for biological reclamation from used sewage sludgeShkvirko, Oksana; Tymchuk, Ivan; Malovanyy, Myroslav
Article21-Mar-2017Decreasing anthropogenic pressure on soil microflora by using capsulated fertilizersTymchuk, Ivan; Malovanyy, Myroslav; Holets, Nataliya
Article26-Feb-2019Evaluation of the degree of environmental hazard from environmental pollution in the area of poultry farms impactKanda, Maria; Malovanyy, Myroslav; Tymchuk, Ivan; Odnorih, Zoryana
Article20-Mar-2019Improvement of environmental safety of agricultural systems as a result of encapsulated mineral fertilizers implementationSynelnikov, Serhiy; Soloviy, Khrystyna; Tymchuk, Ivan; Malovanyy, Myroslav; Nahurskyy, Oleh
Article26-Feb-2019Overview: the prospect of the use of energy crops for biological reclamation of disturbed landsShkvirko, Oksana; Tymchuk, Ivan; Holets, Natalia; Malovanyy, Myroslav
Article10-Feb-2020Study of the properties of anp fertilizer encapsulated with the use of modified waste of petNahurskyy, Oleh; Malovanyy, Myroslav; Synelnikov, Serhiy; Tymchuk, Ivan; Krylova, Galyna
Article26-Feb-2018The use of bioindication to determine the possibility of sludge recovery after biological treatment of wastewaterShkvirko, Oksana; Tymchuk, Ivan; Malovanyy, Myroslav
Article10-Feb-2020Theoretical and practical aspects of the efficiency of application of mineral fertilizers encapsulated with polyethylene terephthalateSynelnikov, Serhiy; Malovanyy, Myroslav; Nahurskyy, Oleh; Luchyt, Liubov; Petrushka, Kateryna; Tymchuk, Ivan; Stokaliuko, Oleh
Article26-Feb-2019Utilising organic-mineral fertilisers produced from man-madewaste of poultry farmsTymchuk, Ivan; Kanda, Maria; Malovanyy, Myroslav