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2018-01-20Decomposition of tert-butyl hydroperoxide in the presence of selected initiators and catalystsMakota, Oksana; Trach, Yuriy; Saldan, Ivan; Evers, Eike; Kalevaru, Narayana; Martin, Andreas; Lviv Polytechnic National University; Ivan Franko National University of Lviv; Leibniz Institute for Catalysis at the University Rostock
2007The initial stages of cyclooctene oxidation by molecular oxygen in the presence of tert-butyl hydroperoxideTrach, Yuriy; Bulgakova, Lidiya; Makota, Oksana
2007The studies on complex formation of metal borides in the reaction system of epoxidation of 1-octene with tert-butyl hydroperoxide by IR spectroscopyMakota, Oksana; Trach, Yuriy