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Article2010Correcting of non-uniformity of brightness of the image in a scanning microscopeBalanjuk, Yurij; Goj, Vitaliy; Turkinov, Gennadiy; Shkliarskyi, Volodymyr
Article2012Features of formation of video signal in a scanning television optical microscopeGoy, Vitaliy; Hudz, Borys; Moldavan, Vasyl; Shkliarskyi, Volodymyr
Article2014Interactive operation of a scanning television optical microscopeShkliarskyi, Volodymyr; Balaniuk, Yuriy; Vasyliuk, Volodymyr; Hudz, Borys
Article2012Nanoluminescense a scanning optical microscope for research of functioning of microorganisms under influence of low temperaturesPrudyus, Ivan; Shkliarskyi, Volodymyr; Zaichenko, Aleksandr; Palianycia, Lubov; Pedan, Anatolij
Article2010Raster forming block in scanning television microscopeVasylyuk, Volodymyr; Goy, Vitaliy; Shkliarskyi, Volodymyr
Article2012Scanning television optical microscope for biological microobjects researchShkliarskyi, Volodymyr; Prudyus, Ivan; Pedan, Anatoliy
Article2010Scanning television optical microscope for research of biological microobjectsBalanjuk, Yurij; Lubinecka, Bogdana; Matiieshyn, Yurij; Pedan, Anatoliy; Prudyus, Ivan; Turkinov, Gennadiy; Shkliarskyi, Volodymyr
Article2012The detector of warmly isolation condition defects with an independent supplyPrudyus, Ivan; Kril, Jaroslav; Storozh, Volodymyr; Turkinov, Gennadiy; Shkliarskyi, Volodymyr
Article2010Video signal forming block in scanning television microscopeHudz, Borys; Matiieshyn, Yurij; Shkliarskyi, Volodymyr