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Article2014Biopolymers for seed presowing treatmentStruminska, Olena; Kurta, Sergey; Shevchuk, Liliya; Ivanyshyn, Stanislaw
Article2012Cavitation occurrence by the vibro-resonance methodShevchuk, Liliya; Aftanaziv, Ivan; Strogan, Orysia
Article2016Change of bacterial amount during sonicationKoval, Iryna; Shevchuk, Liliya
Conference Abstract2015Cultural features of microorganismsKoval, Iryna; Shevchuk, Liliya
Article2013Disinfection of water with ultrasound in the atmosphere of different gasesPredzymirska, Lesya; Shevchuk, Liliya
Article2012Equipment for magnetic-cavity water disinfectionShevchuk, Liliya; Strogan, Orysya; Koval, Iryna
Article20-Jan-2018Interaction of 5-substituted 1,4-naphthoquinones and amino thiotriazoles: reaction ways and regioselectivityShakh, Yuriy; Slesarchuk, Mykhaylo; Syngaevsky, Vadym; Bolibrukh, Khrystyna; Karkhut, Andriy; Polovkovych, Svyatoslav; Shevchuk, Liliya; Novikov, Volodymyr
Article2012Kinetic regularities and features of ultrasound cavitation in water systems containing organic and biological wastleMaksymiv, Nataliya; Shevchuk, Liliya; Starchevskyy, Volodymyr
Article2011Kinetic regularities of the processes of accumulation and destruction of microorganisms in water at bubbling of the different gasesKoval, Iryna; Kislenko, Volodymyr; Shevchuk, Liliya; Starchevskyy, Volodymyr
Article20-Jan-2017Vibrocavitation decontamination of brewing yeast-containing wastewaterShevchuk, Liliya; Aftanaziv, Ivan; Falyk, Taras
Article2013Whey disinfection and its properties changed under ultrasonic treatmentKondratovych, Orest; Koval, Iryna; Kyslenkо, Volodymyr; Shevchuk, Liliya; Predzumirska, Lesia; Maksymiv, Natalia