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Conference Abstract23-Dec-2017Adsorption of Cu2 + and Cr3 + cations by modified sorbentsSabadash, Vira; Habuda, Alina; Gumnitsky, Yaroslav
Article2016Complex water treatment of agroindustrial complexesSabadash, Vira; Gumnitsky, Jaroslav; Tyzrbir, Galyna
Article2017Concurrent sorption of Copper and Chromium cations by natural zeoliteSabadash, Vira; Gumnytskyy, Jaroslav; Mylianyk, Oksana; Romaniuk, Liliana
Article26-Feb-2019Investigation of migration of heavy metals in the soil environment on the example of copper sulfateLyuta, Oksana; Sabadash, Vira; Beymuk, Mariya; Gumnitsky, Jaroslav
Article10-Feb-2020Investigation of the process of ammonium ion adsorption by natural and synthetic sorbents by methods of multidimensional cluster analysisSabadash, Vira; Gumnitsky, Yaroslav; Liuta, Oksana
Article20-Jan-2017Kinetic regularities of copper ions adsorption by natural zeoliteSabadash, Vira; Mylanyk, Oksana; Matsuska, Oksana; Gumnitsky, Jaroslaw
Article2016Mechanism of phosphates sorption by zeolites depending on degree of their substitution for potassium ionsSabadash, Vira; Gumnitsky, Jaroslaw; Hyvlyud, Anna
Article28-Feb-2019Statics and kinetics of albumin adsorption by natural zeoliteHyvlud, Anna; Sabadash, Vira; Gumnitsky, Jaroslaw; Ripak, Nazar
Conference Abstract2015The kinetics of oxypropionic acid on natural zeoliteGyvljud, Anna; Sabadash, Vira; Gumnitskij, Jaroslav
Article20-Jan-2018Thermodynamics of (NH4 +) cation adsorption under static conditionsSabadash, Vira; Gumnitsky, Jaroslaw; Lyuta, Oksana; Pochapska, Iryna