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Article10-Feb-2020Comparison of the methods of surface runoff modelling from the urbanized subcatchments for estimation of peak loads on the environmentMysak, Ihor; Zhuk, Volodymyr; Petrushka, Kateryna
Conference Abstract2016Danger pollution of the hydrosphere ammonium saltsMalovanyy, Myroslav; Petrushka, Kateryna
Conference Abstract2015Determination of electrical conductivity of ion exchange resinsMalovanyy, Myroslav; Petrushka, Kateryna
Article10-Feb-2020Improvement of adsorption processes of wastewater treatment from nickel ionsPetrushka, Ihor; Petrushka, Kateryna; Bliatnyk, Bohdanna
Article28-Feb-2019Improvement of Adsorption-Ion-Exchange Processes for Waste and Mine Water PurificationMalovanyy, Myroslav; Petrushka, Kateryna; Petrushka, Ihor
Article26-Feb-2019Socio-psychological essence of attractiveness for the subjects of entrepreneurial activities of adsorption extraction of Nickel ions (II) by bentonite claysSakalova, Halyna; Palamarchuk, Olha; Vasylinycz, Tamara; Petrushka, Kateryna; Zaharko, Jaroslava; Stocaluk, Oleh
Article26-Feb-2018The efficiency of wastewater purification from chromium (III) Ions by natural clay sorbentsSakalova, Halyna; Vasylinych, Tamara; Petrushka, Kateryna; Stocaluk, Oleh; Chornomaz, Nataliya; Sakalova, Halyna; Vasylinych, Tamara; Petrushka, Kateryna; Stocaluk, Oleh; Chornomaz, Nataliya
Article10-Feb-2020Theoretical and practical aspects of the efficiency of application of mineral fertilizers encapsulated with polyethylene terephthalateSynelnikov, Serhiy; Malovanyy, Myroslav; Nahurskyy, Oleh; Luchyt, Liubov; Petrushka, Kateryna; Tymchuk, Ivan; Stokaliuko, Oleh
Article26-Feb-2019Wood wastes utilization of the Pokuttia–Bukovyna Carpathians as the result of introduction of improved production technology of fuel briquettesMasikevych, Andriy; Kolotylo, Mykhailo; Bat, Roman; Masikevych, Yuri; Malovanyy, Myroslav; Atamanyuk, Volodymyr; Petrushka, Kateryna