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Article2012Electronic structure and luminescence mechanisms in MIMIII(MoO4)2 molybdatesHizhnyi, Yu.; Nedilko, S.; Chornii, V.; Nikolaenko, T.; Zatovsky, I.; Terebilenko, K.; Boiko, R.
article2009Electronic structure, optical properties and mechanisms of luminescence of Zn(MoO4), NaAl(MoO4) and Li2Zn2(MoO4)3 molybdate crystalsHizhnyi, Yu.; Nedilko, S.
article2009Energy and structure of the europium impurity emission centers in the PWO crystalsChukova, O.; Nedilko, S.; Scherbatskyi, V.
article2009Luminescence of doped with Cr, Ti and Mn ions ABP2O7 phosphatesNedilko, S.
Conference Abstract29-May-2017Peculiarities of XO4 2- (X = Cr, Mo,W) Oxide Molecular Anions Adsorption on the Surface of Carbon NanostructuresBorysiuk, V.; Nedilko, S.; Hizhnyi, Yu.; Shyichuk, A.
Conference Abstract29-May-2017Role of Defects in Formation of the Luminescence Properties of Zinc Molybdate CrystalsHizhnyi, Y.; Nedilko, S.; Nikolaenko, T.; Nagornyi, P.; Boyko, R.; Boyko, V.
Conference Abstract29-May-2017Structure and Properties of Oxides Incorporated Micro/Nanocellulose “Ceramics” - like MaterialsNedielko, M.; Alekseev, O.; Nedilko, S.; Chornii, V.; Revo, S.; Scherbatskyi, V.; Boyko, V.
Article2012Synthesis and luminescent investigation of the Sr3LaTa3O12 layered perovskiteNedilko, S.; Chukova, O.; Scherbatskii, V.; Polubinskii, V.; Titov, Yu.
Conference Abstract29-May-2017Synthesis of Complex Oxide Compounds and Oxide/Polymer Composites with High Temperature Superconducting and Others Especially Valuable Physicochemical PropertiesNedilko, S.; Dzyazko, A.; Voitenko, T.; Fesych, I.; Zelenko, M.
article2009Theoretical modelling of the luminescence spectra of oxide crystals AWO4 (A=Zn, Pb) with defectsNikolaenko, T.; Hizhnyi, Yu.; Nedilko, S.