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Conference Abstract2016Analysis of coke gas properties at operation of its metering systemsDzhyhyrei, Viktor; Matiko, Fedir
Conference Abstract2015Determining of volume of natural gas losses caused by damages of distribution networksDzhyhyrei, Viktor; Matiko, Fedir; Klymkovskyi, Dmytro
Conference Abstract2016Efficiency criterion of CFD-modelling for studying the ultrasonic flowmetersRoman, Vitalii; Matiko, Fedir
Article2015Heat exchange between thermometer well and pipe wall in natural gas metering systemsFedoryshyn, Roman; Matiko, Fedir
Conference Abstract23-Dec-2017Hydrodynamic flow measurement error of ultrasonic flowmetersRoman, Vitalii; Matiko, Fedir; Kovalchuk, Ivanna
Conference Abstract2015Investigation of ultrasonic flowmeter error in conditions of distortion of flow structureRoman, Vitalii; Matiko, Fedir
Conference Abstract2015Mathematical modeling and experimental study of impulse lines of flowmetersFedoryshyn, Roman; Matiko, Fedir; Kostyk, Ihor; Stefurak, Khrystyna
Article2015Methodology for improving mathematical model of ultrasonic flowmeter to study its error at distorted flow structureMatiko, Fedir; Roman, Vitalii; Baitsar, Roman
Article10-Nov-2017Reduction of hydrodynamic flow measurement error of chordal ultrasonic flowmeterМатіко, Федір; Роман, Віталій; Ковальчук, Іванна Іванівна; Matiko, Fedir; Roman, Vitalii; Kovalchuk, Ivanna
Article2015Simplified method for calculation of the Joule–Thomson coefficient at natural gas flowrate measurementPistun, Yevhen; Matiko, Fedir; Masnyak, Oleh
Article2016Techniques for natural gas physical properties definition for flow rate and volume metering systemsMatiko, Fedir; Matiko, Halyna; Roman, Vitalii; Stasiuk, Ivan