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Article2012Adsorption of BTX and PAHs by polymeric resins packed in a fixed bed: semi-industrial evaluationSilva, Carla da; Barros, Cintia; Queiros, Yure; Marques, Luiz; Louvisse, Ana Maria; Lucas, Elizabete
Article2008Characterization and selection of polymers for future research on enhanced oil recoveryde Melo, Maria; Lucas, Elizabete
Article2010Looking for a model solvent to disperse asphaltenesGarreto, Maria; Gonzalez, Gaspar; Ramos, Antonio; Lucas, Elizabete
Article2016Methods for determination of oil and grease contents in wastewater from the petroleum industryCirne, Ilma; Boaventura, Jaime; Guedes, Yuri; Lucas, Elizabete
Article2016Preparation and characterization of compounds based on poly(hydroxymethylacrylamide) and post-consumer polypropyleneCirne, Ilma; Esperidiao, Maria; Boaventura, Jaime; Lucas, Elizabete
Article28-Feb-2019Removal of Petroleum from Aqueous Systems by Poly(divinylbenzene) and Poly(methyl methacrylate-divinylbenzene) Resins: Isothermal and Kinetic StudiesSilva, Carla; Rocha, Paulo; Aversa, Thiago; Lucas, Elizabete
Article20-Jan-2018Rheological behavior of drilling fluids containing hydrophobically modified starch for filtrate reductionDias, Fernanda; Souza, Roberta; Lucas, Elizabete
Article2013Starch fatty esters for potential use in petroleum industryDias, Fernanda; de Souza, Roberta; Lucas, Elizabete
Autoreferat2010Studyof conditions for polyacrylamide use in petroleum reservoirs: physical flow simulation in porous mediaDa Silva, Ivonete; Lucas, Elizabete; De Franca, Francisca
Article2012Synthesis and characterization of polymeric resins based on methyl methacrylate and divinylbenzeneClarisse, Marcia; Queiros, Yure; Barbosa, Celina; Barbosa, Luiz; Lucas, Elizabete
Article2008The influence of pressure and dissolved gases in petroleum on the efficiency of wax deposition inhibitorsVieira, Lenise; Buchuid, Maria; Lucas, Elizabete
Article2009The influence of some interfacial properties of PEO-b-PPO copolymers on dewatering of water-in-oil asphaltene model emulsionsRamalho, Joao Batista; Ramos, Natalie; Lucas, Elizabete