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Article26-Feb-2018Comparison ofmethods for measuring reverberation timeMelnyk, M.; Kernyskyy, A.; Lobur, M.
Article2012Defining an approach for deep sentiment analysis of reviews in UkrainianLobur, M.; Romaniuk, A.; Romanyshyn, M.
Article2015Design of a short-time energy saving tank for light weight electric transport vehiclesLobur, M.; Kulpa, M.
Article2013Development of a database for the subsystem research pyroelectric sensorsLobur, M.; Holovatskyy, R.
Article2012Development of macro-parametric method for integration of heterogeneous CAD systems and structure of integrated computer-aided design subsystem for MEMS motion sensorsLobur, M.; Holovatyy, A.
Article2013Development of vhdl-ams model of integrated microaccelerometer with sigma-delta controlHolovatyy, A.; Teslyuk, V.; Lobur, M.
Article2012Evaluation the solution time of finite element analysis using gaussian elimination.Lobur, M.; Farmaga, I.; Shmigelskyi, P.
Article2012Finding effective thermal characteristics of composite materials based on the analysis of thermal conductivitiesJaworski, N.; Farmaga, I.; Lobur, M.
Article2014Fuzzy model for recommender systemsStekh, Y.; Lobur, M.; Artsibasov, V.; Chystjak, V.
Article2006Methods and models for computer aided MEMS designTeslyuk, V.; Karkulyovskyy, V.; Lobur, M.; Pereyma, M.; Denysyuk, P.
Article2012Modeling of structure of composite material with fiber componentsDykhta, I.; Lobur, M.; Farmaga, I.; Marikutsa, U.; Ciupiński, Ł.
Article2014Optimization of microelectric actuator design using golden section search to get the defined output characteristicsMelnyk, M.; Kernytskyy, A.; Lobur, M.; Zajac, P.; Szermer, M.; Maj, C.; Zabierowski, W.
Article28-Feb-2019Portable system for sampling liquid atmospheric precipitationЗдобицький, А.; Матвійків, О.; Лобур, М.; Климкович, Т.; Бокла, Н.; Zdobytskyi, A.; Matviykiv, O.; Lobur, M.; Klymkovych, T.; Bokla, N.
Article27-Mar-2001Production data management system for small electromechanic enterpriseKernytskyy, A.; Lobur, M.; Wrobel, J.
Article2012Regular and adaptive meshing algorithms for modeling of spherical inclusions by finite element methodFarmaga, I.; Lobur, M.; Shmigelskyi, P.; Javorskyi, N.; Śpiewak, P.
Article2012Sentiment-annotated corpus of reviews in UkrainianLobur, M.; Romanyshyn, M.; Romaniuk, A.