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Article2016Analysis and improvement of two-mass vibrating tubular conveyers with two-cycle electromagnetic driveShenbor, Vladyslav; Koruniak, Petro; Korendiy, Vitaliy; Brusentsov, Volodymyr; Brusentsova, Marta
Article2015Analysis of structure and kinematics of four-bar crank-rocker walkingmechanismKorendiy, Vitaliy
Conference Abstract2015Combined mechanical systems of anti-storm protection of horizontal-axis wind turbinesKorendiy, Vitaliy; Vergeles, Vitaliy
Conference Abstract2016Development of experimental horizontal-axis wind turbine with sail-type bladesKorendiy, Vitaliy; Bushko, Oleksandr; Barabash, Volodymyr
Conference Abstract23-Dec-2017Improvement of structural diagrams of vibratory separators with electromagnetic driveKorendiy, Vitaliy; Shenbor, Vladyslav; Shenbor, Yurii
Conference Abstract2015Mobile robotic systems with walking movers and mechanisms of orientationKorendiy, Vitaliy; Bushko, Oleksandr; Denderys, Nazar
Article1-Jan-2017Optimization of structure of sorting vibratory separatorsShenbor, Vladyslav; Korendiy, Vitaliy; Brusentsov, Volodymyr
Article19-Oct-2017Structural and kinematic synthesis of the 1-Dof eight-bar walking mechanism with revolute kinematic pairsKorendiy, Vitaliy
Conference Abstract2016Structure analysis of sixand eight-link walking mechanismsKorendiy, Vitaliy; Skripnik, Roman; Khomych, Ihor
Article19-Oct-2017Substantiation of parameters and analysis of operational characteristics of oscillating systems of vibratory finishing machinesKorendiy, Vitaliy; Zakharov, Viktor
Article20-Mar-2019Substantiation of structure and parameters of pneumatic system of mobile robot with orthogonal walking driveKorendiy, Vitaliy; Zinko, Roman; Muzychka, Diana
Article20-Mar-2019Substantiation of the shape of a solid oxide fuel cell anode using the stress-strain and shape-dependent crack deceleration approachesKuzio, Igor; Vasyliv, Bogdan; Korendiy, Vitaliy; Borovets, Volodymyr; Podhurska, Viktoriya
Conference Abstract2015Substantiation of usage expediency and analysis of exploitation problems of low-power wind turbinesKorendiy, Vitaliy; Vergeles, Vitaliy
Conference Abstract2016Technological equipment for finishing treatmentGavrilchenko, Oleksandr; Zakharov, Viktor; Korendiy, Vitaliy
Article2016Two-mass vibrating conveyer with nonparallel flat springsKoruniak, Petro; Nishchenko, Iryna; Shenbor, Vladyslav; Korendiy, Vitaliy
Article2016Ways of improvement of operational efficiency of hopper devicesKoruniak, Petro; Shenbor, Vladyslav; Korendiy, Vitaliy; Bezpalov, Anatoliy; Brusentsov, Volodymyr
Conference Abstract23-Dec-2017Ways of improvement of productiveness of vibratory tubular conveyorsShenbor, Vladyslav; Korendiy, Vitaliy; Brusentsov, Volodymyr