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Conference Abstract23-Dec-2017Catalysts of aldol condensation of acetic acid with formaldehydeShpyrka, Iryna; Nebesnyi, Roman; Sydorchuk, Volodymyr; Khalameida, Svitlana; Ivasiv, Volodymyr; Zavalii, Kateryna
Article2015Influence of organic additives on catalysts of liquid-phase cyclohexane oxidationMudryy, Sergiy; Reutskyy, Viktor; Ivashchuk, Oleksandr; Suprun, Oleksandr; Ivasiv, Volodymyr
Article28-Feb-2019low temperature acrolein to acrylic acid oxidation with hydrogen peroxide on Se-organic catalystsNebesnyi, Roman; Ivasiv, Volodymyr; Pikh, Zoryan; Kharandiuk, Tetiana; Shpyrka, Iryna; Voronchak, Taras; Shatan, Anastasia-Bohdana
Article2013Optimization of Process of Methacrylic Acid Obtaining by Aldol Condensation of Propionic Acid with Formaldehyde Using a Kinetic ModelNebesnyi, Roman; Ivasiv, Volodymyr; Dmytruk, Yulia; Lapychak, Nazar
Article2012Oxidation of unsaturated aldehydes by hydrogen peroxide in alcohols mediumPikh, Zoryan; Ivasiv, Volodymyr
Article2016Oxidation of unsaturated aldehydes by peracetic acidPikh, Zoryan; Nebesnyi, Roman; Ivasiv, Volodymyr; Pich, Andrij; Vynnytska, Sofia
Other2012Prospects of acrylic acid obtaining by gas phase catalytic condensation of acetic acid with formaldehydeNebesnyi, Roman; Ivasiv, Volodymyr; Zhyznevskyi, Viacheslav; Pikh, Zoryan; Dmytruk, Yulia
Conference Abstract2015Simultaneous methyl methacrylate and methacrylic acid obtaining over zirconium-containing catalystsNebesna, Yuliia; Nebesnyi, Roman; Ivasiv, Volodymyr; Lapychak, Nazarii
Conference Abstract2015Single stage acrylic acid obtaining based on methanol and acetic acidNebesnyi, Roman; Shpyrka, Iryna; Shatan, Anastasiia-Bohdana; Lukiyanchuk, Andriy; Ivasiv, Volodymyr; Nebesna, Yuliia; Lapychak, Nazariy
Conference Abstract2016Synthesis of methacrylate monomers combined condensation of propionic acid and methylpropionate in the gas phaseLapychak, Nazariy; Ivasiv, Volodymyr; Nebesnyi, Roman; Shatan, Anastasia-Bogdana
Conference Abstract2016Synthesis, porous structure and catalytic properties of mixed vanadium-titanium phosphates in aldol condensation reaction of acetic acid with formaldehydeNebesnyi, Roman; Shpyrka, Iryna; Sydorchuk, Volodymyr; Khalameida, Svitlana; Khalameida, Svitlana; Ivasiv, Volodymyr; Orobchuk, Oksana; Zavalii, Kateryna; Lapychak, Nazariy
Conference Abstract22-Nov-2018The Effect of Hydrothermal Treatment of Silica-based Catalysts on their Efficiency in Acrylic Acid Synthesis via Oxidative Condensation of Methanol with Acetic AcidShpyrka, Iryna; Nebesnyi, Roman; Orobchuk, Oksana; Ivasiv, Volodymyr; Khalameida, Svitlana; Sydorchuk, Volodymyr
Article2014The kinetics of the gas phase aldol condensation reaction of propionic acid with formaldehyde on B2O3-P2O5-WO3/SiO2 catalystNebesnyi, Roman; Ivasiv, Volodymyr; Pikh, Zorian; Zhyznevskyi, Viacheslav; Dmytruk, Yulia