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Conference Abstract23-Dec-2017Influence of the deposition time on the structure and optical properties of indium sulfide films (In2S3)Hlad, Roman; Shapoval, Pavlo; Stadnik, Vitalii; Sozanskiy, Martyn; Guminilovych, Ruslana; Yatchyshyn, Yosyp
Conference Abstract23-Dec-2017Investigation of hgse films, deposited from aqueous solutions with different complexing agentsChaykivska, Ruslana; Sozanskyi, Martyn; Stadnik, Vitalii; Guminilovych, Ruslana; Shapoval, Pavlo; Yatchyshyn, Yosyp
Conference Abstract2016Investigation of some regularities of ZnS and ZnSe films synthesisSozanskyi, Martyn; Chaykivska, Ruslana; Guminilovych, Ruslana; Shapoval, Pavlo; Yatchyshyn, Yosyp
Article2013Investigation the structures CdSe/CdS, CdS/CdSe for production of solar cellsGuminilovych, Ruslana; Shapoval, Pavlo; Yatchyshyn, Yosyp; Kusnezh, Viktor; Sozanskiy, Martyn; Il’chuk, Hryhoriy
Conference Abstract2015Investigation the structures ZnS/HgS, HgS/ZnSSozanskyi, Martyn; Shapoval, Pavlo; Yatchyshyn, Yosyp; Stadnik, Vitaliy; Chaykivska, Ruslana; Guminilovych, Ruslana
Article2015Modeling of chemical surface deposition (CSD) of CdS and CdSe semiconductor thin filmsGuminilovych, Ruslana; Shapoval, Pavlo; Yatchyshyn, Iosyp; Shapoval, Stepan
Article20-Jan-2017Synthesis and properties of mercury selenide films deposited by using pottasium iodide as complexing agentSozanskyi, Martyn; Stadnik, Vitalii; Chaykivska, Ruslana; Guminilovych, Ruslana; Shapoval, Pavlo; Yatchyshyn, Iosyp
Article2013The conditions effect of obtaining CdS and CdSe films on their structural and optical propertiesShapoval, Pavlo; Guminilovych, Ruslana; Yatchyshyn, Iosyp