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Conference Abstract23-Dec-2017Analysis of pulse-width modulation methodsFedoryshyn, Roman; Klos, Sviatoslav
Conference Abstract22-Nov-2018Computer-Aided Design of Gas Flow Temperature Measurement ErrorsDychuk, Petro; Fedoryshyn, Roman
Article2013Design of flowmeters for fluid energy carriers by means of “Raskhod-RU” CADPistun, Yevhen; Lesovoy, Leonid; Fedoryshyn, Roman
Article26-Feb-2018Design of Optimal Filter for Analog SignalФедоришин, Роман; Кльось, Святослав; Савицький, Володимир; Пістун, Євген; Волошин, Мирослав; Fedoryshyn, Roman; Klos, Sviatoslav; Savytskyi, Volodymyr; Pistun, Yevhen; Woloszyn, Miroslaw
Conference Abstract2016Development of mathematical model of controlled plant using the obtained experimental dataFedoryshyn, Roman; Klos, Sviatoslav; Savytskyi, Volodymyr
Article2015Heat exchange between thermometer well and pipe wall in natural gas metering systemsFedoryshyn, Roman; Matiko, Fedir
Article2016Identification of controlled plant and development of its model by means of PLCFedoryshyn, Roman; Klos, Sviatoslav; Savytskyi, Volodymyr; Masniak, Oleh
Article10-Nov-2017Improvement of pulse-width modulation algorithm for thermal plant controlФедоришин, Роман; Кльось, Святослав; Савицький, Володимир; Кріль, Сергій; Fedoryshyn, Roman; Klos, Sviatoslav; Savytskyi, Volodymyr; Kril, Sergiy
Conference Abstract2015Mathematical modeling and experimental study of impulse lines of flowmetersFedoryshyn, Roman; Matiko, Fedir; Kostyk, Ihor; Stefurak, Khrystyna
Conference Abstract22-Nov-2018Optimization of Analog Signal Filtration ProcessKlos, Sviatoslav; Svyryd, Oleh; Fedoryshyn, Roman