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Conference Abstract23-Dec-2017About problem of absorption of greenhouse gas by chlorophyilsynthesizing microalgae in the presence of sulfur dioxideDyachok, Vasyl; Katysheva, Viktoriia
Article20-Jan-2017About the problem of biological processes complicated by mass transferDyachok, Vasyl; Huhlych, Serhiy; Yatchyshyn, Yuri; Zaporochets, Yulia; Katysheva, Viktoriia
Conference Abstract23-Dec-2017Analysis of process parameters of wastewater treatment of edible oils productionDyachok, Vasyl; Marakhovska, Anastasia
Article20-Jan-2018Application of liquid extraction for treatment of wastewater from edible oils productionDyachok, Vasyl; Marakhovska, Anastasia; Marakhovska, Svitlana
Conference Abstract2016Determination of the activation energy of the reaction of photosynthesis in chlorophyll synthesizing microalgaeDyachok, Vasyl; Katysheva, Viktoriia
Conference Abstract22-Nov-2018Investigation of the influence of the light spectrum on the growth efficiency of chlorophyll synthesizing MicroalgaeDyachok, Vasyl; Katysheva, Viktoriia
Article20-Jan-2017Kinetics of biologically active compound extraction from hops strobiles extraction cakePavliuk, Inessa; Dyachok, Vasyl; Novikov, Volodymyr; Ilkiv, Nataliya
Article2015Mathematical model of mass transfer from lamina of the leaf into extractantDyachok, Vasyl; Dyachok, Roman; Gaiduchok, Olena; Ilkiv, Natalia
Article2013On the mechanism of extraction from solid bodies of cellular structureDyachok, Vasyl; Ilkiv, Ivan
Article2011Some kinetic regularities of Intracellular substance extractingDyachok, Vasyl; Maljovanyj, Myroslav; Ilkiv, Ivan