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Article2012Accuracy estemation of the Latvia first order leveling networkCelms, A.; Kronbergs, M.; Cintiņa, V.
Article2013Accuracy of height measurements for leveling across wide water bodiesCelms, A.; Ratkevičs, A.; Brants, A.; Kauranens, E.
Article7-Feb-2017Common site calibration parameter calculation of Trimble VRS measurement methodВалліс, А.; Кнокс, М.; Целмс, А.; Реке, І.; Vallis, A.; Knoks, M.; Celms, A.; Reķe, I.; Валлис, А.; Kнокс, М.; Целмс, А.; Реке, И.
Article2016Geodetic base preparation for state border demarcationRatkevičs, A.; Celms, A.; Kukule, I.
Article28-Feb-2019Justification of the height models available in LatviaЦелмс, А.; Тревого, І.; Пукіте, В.; Раткевичс, А.; Цинтіна, В.; Celms, A.; Trevoho, I.; Pukite, V.; Ratkevics, A.; Cintina, V.
Article2015Latvia positioning system base station installation in ValkaCelms, A.; Eglāja, E.; Ratkevičs, A.
Article22-Jan-2020Posibilities of use of remote sensing technologies in the castle island measuring process in jelgavaCelms, A.; Reke, I.; Pukite, V.; Kolodiy, P.; Luksa, J.
Article22-Jan-2020Possibilities of aerofotogrammetric technologies for monitoring of the state border of LatviaCelms, A.; Trevoho, I.; Ratkevics, A.; Reke, I.; Sulakova, L.
Article7-Feb-2017Remote Sensing Methods andMaterials Usage in State Border Demarcation WorksРаткевичс, А.; Целмс, А.; Баумане, В.; Ratkevičs, A.; Celms, A.; Baumane, V.; Раткевичс, А.; Целмс, А.; Баумане, В.
Article2016Research of national geodetic network using GNSS methodsCelms, A.; Rusiņš, J.; Reķe, I.