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Conference Abstract14-May-2018Composites based on secondary polyethylene and Georgian mineralsShamanauri, Lana; Aneli, Jimsher
Article2011Electric conductivity of polymer composites at mechanical relaxationAneli, Jimsher; Zaikov, Gennady; Mukbaniani, Omar
Article28-Feb-2019Fluorine-Containing Siloxane Based Polymer Electrolyte MembranesMukbaniani, Omari; Aneli, Jimsher; Plonska-Brzezinska, Marta; Tatrishvili, Tamar; Markarashvili, Eliza
Article2012Gradiently anisotropic conducting and magnetic polymer compositesAneli, Jimsher; Nadareishvili, Levan; Mamniashvili, Grigor; Akhalkatsi, Anatoli; Zaikov, Gennady
Article28-Feb-2019Interpenetrating network on the basis of methylcyclotetrasiloxane matrixMukbaniani, Omari; Aneli, Jimsher; Plonska-Brzezinska, Marta; Markarashvili, Eliza; Tatrishvili, Tamar
Article2013On the processes of the charge transfer in the electrical conducting polymer materialsMarsagishvili, Tamaz; Aneli, Jimsher; Zaikov, Gennady
Article2011Physical principles of the conductivity of electrical conducting polymer composites (review)Aneli, Jimsher; Zaikov, Gennady; Mukbaniani, Omar
Article2013Polymer composites on the basis of epoxy resin with mineral fillers modified by tetraetoxysilaneAneli, Jimsher; Mukbaniani, Omari; Markarashvili, Eliza; Zaikov, Gennady; Klodzinska, Elen
Article28-Feb-2019Self-Assembly Processes of the Magnetic Polymer Nanocomposites in Magnetic FieldsAneli, Jimsher; Gavasheli, Tsisana; Gegechkori, Tatiana; Mamniashvili, Grigor
Article2015Structuring and electric conductivity of polymer composites pyrolysed at high temperaturesAneli, Jimsher; Natriashvili, Tamaz; Zaikov, Gennady