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PreviewTypeIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Article2010Mathematical modeling of dust-laden stream cleaning processes in radioelectronicsBatluk, Viktoriya; Romantsow, Edward; Vobliy, Oleksandr
Article2014Mathematical scheduling models of IPTV peer to peer networksMoskalets, Nikolai; Popovskaya, Ekaterina
Article2013Dynamic simulation of a load system driven by two identical PMDC motorsAtalay, Ahmet Kubilay; Kocabas, Derya Ahmet; Basdogan, Seda
Article2009Макромоделювання електромеханічних перетворювачівВасильчишин, Іванна
Article2009Застосування критерію ефективності використання ресурсів для визначення ефективності застосування рудничного електровозного транспортуОмельченко, Олександр; Титюк, Валерій; Луценко, Ігор
Article2009Sphero-conical spiral antennaLukyanchikov, A. V.; Salazko, V. N.; Evstigneev, I. A.
Conference Abstract2015Mathematical modeling and experimental study of impulse lines of flowmetersFedoryshyn, Roman; Matiko, Fedir; Kostyk, Ihor; Stefurak, Khrystyna
Conference Abstract2015Determining of volume of natural gas losses caused by damages of distribution networksDzhyhyrei, Viktor; Matiko, Fedir; Klymkovskyi, Dmytro
Conference Abstract2016Diesel generator sets with pulse-width excitation controlSemeniuk, Mykola; Leskiv, Ihor
Conference Abstract2016Development of mathematical model of controlled plant using the obtained experimental dataFedoryshyn, Roman; Klos, Sviatoslav; Savytskyi, Volodymyr
Article2011Математична модель динаміки когенераційної енергетичної установкиЛаріонова, О. С.; Бундюк, А. М.
Article2011Математична модель двохфазного потоку процесів зневоднення та гранулювання у псевдозрідженому шаріКорнієнко, Б. Я.
Conference Abstract23-Dec-2017The peer land exchange in land readjustment modelsBugaienko, Olena
Article2011Mathematical model of the inertial object programmed control methodGapon, Anatoly; Savitskiy, Sergey; Rudakova, Natalia
Conference Abstract2016Mathematical modeling of linear integration based on reverse formulasKozych, Anna
Conference Abstract2016Modeling of heterogeneous catalytic reduction process of aldehydesSkoretska, Ivanna; Beznosyk, Yuriy
Conference Abstract23-Dec-2017Analysis of process parameters of wastewater treatment of edible oils productionDyachok, Vasyl; Marakhovska, Anastasia
Conference Abstract23-Dec-2017About problem of absorption of greenhouse gas by chlorophyilsynthesizing microalgae in the presence of sulfur dioxideDyachok, Vasyl; Katysheva, Viktoriia
Conference Abstract2016The automation of aerobic wastewater treatmentSafonyk, Andrii; Targoniy, Ivan
Article2011Analysis of overvoltages in transformer windings with considering of distributed parametersSeheda, Mykhaylo; Mazur, Tetyana; Chutora, Ivan
Article2013Modeling of fluid filtering N-layer filters with multicomponent pollutionSafonyk, Andriy; Danylyshyna, Nadiya
Article2011Modelling of magnetizing system equipment for measuring of magnetic characteristics of permanent magnetsMaday, Volodymyr
Article2013Mathematical model of steady-state visual evoked potential in problems of ophthalmological information technologiesStadnyk, Maria
Article2013Multi-stage problem of concentration plant locationUs, S. A.; Stanina, O. D
Article2009Plasmon antenna with complex profile of dielectric permittivity changeHoblyk, V. V.; Nychai, I. V.; Liske, O. M.
Article2009Mathematical model and the analysis of a field of the disk impedance antenna with spiral heterogeneityHoblyk, N. M.; Hoblyk, V. V.
Article2009Mathematical model of the cylinder with modulation of surface impedance by periodic sequence of gaus functionsHoblyk, V. V.; Pavlysh, V. A.
Article2012Model of physical activity during rehabilitation after myocardial infarctionVovkodav, Oleksandr; Pasichnyk, Roman; Shpintal, Mykhailo; Honchar, Lyudmyla
Article2012Estimation of a required size of a buffer of telecommunication equipment at serving fractal trafficRozdimakha, Eugene; Omelchenko, Anatoly; Fedorov, Alexey
Article2010A flow-based model of two-level routing in multiservice networkLemeshko, Olexandr; Hailan, Ahmad M.; Ali, Ali S.
Article2009Моделювання природного освітлення виробничих приміщень на основі аналітичного методу розрахунку геометричного КПОКіт, А. Ю.; Кіт, Ю. В.; Комаров, В. І.
Article2010Mathematical model of distribution of frequency channels in multichannel mesh-networksGogolieva, Marina
Article2009New mathematical approach to the treatment of positron annihilhumidity lifetime data for humidity-sensitive ceramicsKlym, Halyna; Ingram, Adam; Shpotyuk, Oleh
Article2009Моделювання однієї оберненої задачі до задачі СтефанаКобильська, Олена
Article2009The development of antenna theory and techniques in Lviv Polytechnic National UniversityBobalo, Yu. Ya.; Antoniuk, V. P.; Golynskyy, V. D.; Hoblyk, V. V.; Lazko, L. V.; Mymrikov, D. O.; Nikitchenko, V. G.; Prudyus, I. N.; Radzih, G. S.; Storozh, V. G.; Yakovenko, E. I.; Zakhariya, Y. A.; Zubkov, A. M.
Article2009Mathematical models of the radiating and waveguide structures with N-fold periodicityHoblyk, V. V.
Results 1-36 of 36 (Search time: 0.101 seconds).
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