Computational linguistics and intelligent systems. – 2017 р. : [22] Домівка зібрання Перегляд статистики

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Попередній переглядТипДата випускуНазваАвтор(и)
Conference Abstract2017Gamification: today and tomorrowYukhno, Katherine; Chubar, Eugenia
Conference Abstract2017Search optimization and localization of the website of Department of Applied LinguisticsPidpruzhnikov, Vsevolod; Ilchenko, Margarita
Conference Abstract2017Analysis of existing German CorporaOlifenko, Inna; Borysova, Natalia
Conference Abstract2017Use of linguistic criteria for estimating of wikipedia articles qualityKolesnik, Anastasiia; Khairova, Nina
Conference Abstract2017Intelligent data processing in creating targeted advertisingKirkin, Stanislav; Melnyk, Karina
Conference Abstract2017Development and computerization of an English term system in the fields of drilling and drilling rigsHordienko, Herman; Ilchenko, Margarita
Conference Abstract2017Improving communication in enterprise solutions: challenges and opportunitiesGorbachov, Vitaliy; Cherednichenko, Olga
Conference Abstract2017Statistical methods usage of descriptive statistics in corpus linguisticDidusov, Valeriy; Kochueva, Zoia
Conference Abstract2017Discursive units in scientific textsVerbinenko, Yulia
Conference Abstract2017Evaluation ofa formalized model for classification of emergency situationsTitova, Vera; Gnatchuk, Ielizaveta
Conference Abstract2017Methods of comparing interval objects in intelligent computer systemsShepelev, Gennady; Khairova, Nina
Conference Abstract2017Methods and models of automatic ontology construction for specialized domains (case of the Radiation Security)Orobinska, Olena; Chauchat, Jean-Hugues; Sharonova, Natalya
Conference Abstract2017Content analysis of some social media of the occupied territories of UkraineLytvynenko, Volodymyr; Lurie, Iryna; Radetska, Svitlana; Voronenko, Mariia; Kornilovska, Natalia; Partenjucha, Daria
Conference Abstract2017A method of construction of automated basic ontologyLytvyn, Vasyl; Vysotska, Victoria; Wojcik, Waldemar; Dosyn, Dmytro
Conference Abstract2017Intelligent system structure for Web resources processing and analysisLytvyn, Vasyl; Vysotska, Victoria; Chyrun, Lyubomyr; Smolarz, Andrzej; Naum, Oleh
Conference Abstract2017An index of authors’ popularity for Internet encyclopediaLande, Dmitry; Andrushchenko, Valentyna; Balagura, Iryna
Conference Abstract2017Semantic state superpositions and their treatment in virtual lexicographic laboratory for spanish language dictionaryKuprianov, Yevgen
Conference Abstract2017NLP resources for a rare language morphological analyzer: danish caseKotov, Mykhailo
Conference Abstract2017Unsupervised acquisition of morphological resources for UkrainianHamon, Thierry; Grabar, Natalia
Conference Abstract2017Creation of a multilingual aligned corpus with Ukrainian as the target language and its exploitationGrabar, Natalia; Hamon, Thierry
Матеріали зібрання (Дати збереження, сортування за спаданням): від 1 до 20 з 22