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Знайдені матеріали:
Попередній переглядТипДата випускуНазваАвтор(и)
article2009Construction and characterisation of double layer capacitorsStević, Zoran; Rajčić-Vujasinović, Mirjana; Bugarinović, Sanja; Dekanski, Aleksandar
article2009Radiation colouring of optical materials: crystals and optical glasses under _ – irradiationBezrodnyi, V. I.; Khodakovskiy, V. N.; Negriyko, A. M.; Negriyko, A. M.; Rogutskii, I. S.; Udovitska, O. G.
article2009Low-loss microwave dielectrics for different frequency regionsBelous, A.; Ovchar, O.
article2009Photoelasticity of CaWO4 crystalsMytsyk, B.; Kost’, Ya.; Kovtun, R.; Andrushchak, A.; Solskii, I.
Other2009Зміст до: Oxide materials for electronic engineering - fabrication, properties and application-
article2009Electromagneto-optical effect in ferrimagnetic/piezoelectric structureKalenichenko, A. A.; Koronovskyy, V. E.
article2009Induced optical absorption of the Gd3Ga5O12 crystal irradiated by high energy 235U ionsPotera, P.; Ubizskii, S.; Sugak, D.; Schwartz, K.
article2009Temperature sensitive spinel-type ceramics in thick-film multilayer performance for environment sensorsHadzaman, I.; Klym, H.; Shpotyuk, O.; Brunner, M.
article2009The current phenomenon in the indium-tin oxidealignment layer-liquid crystal structureMykytyuk, Z.; Fechan, A.; Sushynsky, O.; Yasynovska, O.; Kotsun, V.
article2009Thermodynamic of intercalation of nanosized TiO2 with structural defectsGrygorachak, I.; Myronyuk, I.; Micov, M.; Pidluzhna, A.; Ostapuk, O.
article2009Comparison of sorption ability of alive and dried yeasts S. Cerevisiae for purification of waste waters under mechanical stirringGorobets, S. V.; Kolesnyk, M. M.
article2009Synthesis and phase formation in the flux system K2O–P2O5–Nb2O5–MoO3Odinets, E.; Babaryk, A. A.; Slobodyanik, N. S.; Baumer, V. N.
article2009NMR in impurity charge-ordering manganitesLeskova, J. V.; Nikiforov, A. E.; Gonchar, L. E.; Popov, S. E.; Mozhegorov, A. A.
article2009Effect of the impurities in substrates ZnSe on properties isovalent substituted layers ZnOMakhiy, V. P; Slyotov, M. M.; Khusnutdinov, S. V.
article2009Spectroscopic studies into the reactivity of solidsShi, J.; Mutke, M.; Kreye, M.; Becker, K.-D.
Technical Report2009Mechanical properties and lattice parameters of Lu2xGd2(1-x)SiO5:Ce scintillation crystalsMaksimchuk, V.; Baumer, V.; Bondar, V.; Galich, Yu.; Kurtsev, D.; Sidletskiy, O.
article2009NMR analysis of Mg ion localization in LiNbO3 crystalYatsenko, A. V.; Yevdokimov, S. V.; Sugak, D. Yu.; Solskii, I. M.
article2009Baric displacement of phase transition in (NH4)2SO4 crystalsGaba, V. M.
article2009Scintillators for cryogenic rare event searchesMikhailik, V. B.; Kraus, H.
article2009Phase diagrams of the systems Al2O3–Zr(Hf)O2–Ln(Y)2O3 as guide for constructing new oxide materialsLakiza, S. M.; Tyschenko, Ja. S.; Lopato, L. M.
article2009Liquid phase epitaxy: a beneficial method for development of phosphors based on single crystalline films of oxide compoundsZorenko, Yuriy
article2009Ionic-hole mechanism evolution of colour centres in radiation- colour crystals of fluorite structureKachan, S. I.; Chornyi, Z. P.; Salapak, V. M.; Dubelt, S. P.; Pirko, I. B.
article2009Radiation defects in CaF2–CaO crystalsKachan, S. I.; Obukhova, E. E.; Chinkov, E. P.; Shtanko, V. F.
article2009Interaction of components in PrAlO3- AND LaAlO3-based systemsBasyuk, T.; Vasylechko, L.; Fadeev, S.; Berezovets, V.; Trots, D.; Niewa, R.
article2009Magnetic symmetry of the plain domain walls in the plates of cubic ferro- and ferrimagnetsTanygin, B. M.; Tychko, O. V.
article2009Magnetically induced light scattering in Fe3O4 nanoparticle suspensionMalynych, S. Z.; Ballato, John; Ubizskii, S. B.; Kornev, K.
article2009Influence of electric field on luminescence of ZnSeDegoda, V.; Sofienko, A.
article2009Growth and characterization of perovskite LaGaO3: SrMnO3 solid solution crystalsGlowacki, M.; Runka, T.; Domukhovski, V.; Diduszko, R.; Mirkowska, M.; Berkowski, M.
article2009Ceramic fuel cell electronic device: structure & propertiesVasylyev, O. D.; Brychevskyi, M. M.; Brodnikovskyi, Ie. M.; Chedryk, V. I.; Melakh, V. G.; Pryschepa, Ie. G.; Ushkalov, L. M.; Vereschak, V. G.
article2009Nanostructural superconducting materials for fault current limitaters and cryogenic electrical machinesPrikhna, T.; Gawalek, W.; Sokolovsky, V.; Kozyrev, А.; Savchuk, Ya.; Sergienko, N.; Moshchil, V.; Vajda, J.; Kosa, J.
article2009Phase transitions and transport properties of ionic conducting bimevox solid solutions and compositesPolitova, E. D.; Torba, J. N.; Fortalnova, E. A.; Golubko, N. V.; Kaleva, G. M.; Mosunov, A. V.; Safronenko, M. G.; Venkovskii, N. U.
article2009Fabrication of TiO2 nanowires by oxidation of Ti metal in nitrate melts with controlled basisityAndriiko, A. A.; Kovalenko I. V.; Khainakov S. A.
article2009Understanding the photoelectrochemical properties of spinel-type p-CoM2O4 (M: Al, Ga, AND In) compoundsAl-Jassim, Mowafak; Ahn, Kwang-Soon; Shet, Sudhakar; Huda, Muhammed; Deutsch, Todd; Turner, Yanfa Yan; Turner, John
article2009Structure refinement for Pr doped ZrO2-Y2O3 nanocrystalsWerner-Malento, E.; Paszkowicz, W.; Fidelus, J. D.; Godlewski, M.; Yatsunenko, S.
article2009Crystal structure refinement of [M2Cu2O3]m[CuO2]n spin-ladder ompounds in 4D spaceZaremba, O.; Akselrud, L.; Gladyshevskii, R.
article2009Crystal growth and structure characterization of rare earth double tungstateIwanowski, P.; Domukhovski, V.; Berkowski, M.
article2009Partial parity of faraday rotationAdamenko, D.; Klymiv, I.; Krupych, O.; Vlokh, O.; Vlokh, R.
article2009Optical studies and spectroscopic peculiarities of dysprosium doped Gd2SiO5 single crystalsLisiecki, R.; Solarz, P.; Dominiak-Dzik, G.; Ryba-Romanowski, W.; Berkowski, M.; Głowacki, M.
article2009Influence of structure of Ni-ZrO2 sofc anode on its electrochemical propertiesBrodnikovskyi, Iegor; Chedryk, Valeriy; Vasylyev, Oleksandr
article2009Phosphorescence and relaxation of conductivity in ZnSe after PHOTO- and X-ray excitationDegoda, V.; Sofienko, A.
article2009Electroluminescence properties of ZnO/Alq3/pegde/Al structureHotra, Z.; Stakhira, P.; Volynyuk, D.; Cherpak, V.; Luka, G.; Godlewski, M.; Guziewicz, E.; Pakhomov, G.; Tsizh, B.
article2009High resolution infrared absorption spectra of hydroxyl related defects in CdWO4 single crystalsKovács, L.; Lengyel, K.; Solskii, I.; Sugak, D.; Mazzera, M.; Capelletti, R.
article2009The methods of high-coercivity state induction and test of magneto-optical figure of merit in epitaxial magnetic garnet films for thermomagnetic recordingKostishyn, V. G.; Morchenko, A. T.; Medved’, V. V.; Bugakova, O. E.
article2009Variation of magnetic domain structure of thin manganite film with temperatureUspenskaya, L.; Nurgaliev, T.; Miteva, S.
article2009Influense of pulse laser irradiation on character of magneto-electric properties in ferrite-garnetsKoronovskyy, V. E.
article2009Synthesis and luminescent properties of Eu2+ and Ce3+ activated Li2SrSiO4Levshov, S. M.; Berezovskaya, I. V.; Dotsenko, V. P.
article2009Pendulum like rotation magnetization reversal of anisotropic magnetic filmUbizskii, S. B.; Pavlyk, L. P.
article2009Nonideal boundaries and propagation of bulk magnetoelastic wavesGorobets, Yu. I.; Reshetnyak, S. A.; Khomenko, T. A.
article2009Fabrication and study of GdMnO3 multiferroic thin filmsAndreev, N.; Chichkov, V.; Pestun, A.; Mukovskii, Ya.
article2009A new family of high Na+-ion conductivity solid electrolytesNalbandyan, V. B.; Evstigneeva, M. A.; Petrenko, A. A.; Medvedev, B. S.; Ni, E. V.
article2009Preparation and properties of doped Hg-based superconducting copper oxydesBabych, О. Y.; Boyko, Ya. V.; Gabriel, I. I.; Lutciv, R. V.; Matviyiv, M. V.; Vasyuk, M. M.
article2009The influence of additives of cobalt on structure ordering of manganese dioxide prepared from fluorinecontainng electrolytesSokolsky, G.; Ivanov, S.; Ivanova, N.; Boldurev, Y.; Kobulinskaya, O.; Demchenko, M.
article2009Obtaining and optical-luminescent properties of rareearth orthovanadate single crystalsBaumer, V. N.; Bondar, V. G.; Katrunov, K. A.; Kurtsev, D. A.; Sidletskiy, O. Ts.; Voloshina, O. V.
article2009High-pressure x-ray diffraction techniques: application to determination of the equation of state of selected multicomponent oxidesPaszkowicz, Wojciech
article2009Magnetically operated corrosion method of high gradient ferromagnetic matrix obtaining for magnetic separation for biomedical applicationsGorobets, S. V.; Bylo, O. M.; Demjanenko, I. V.
article2009Vanadium oxide extended frameworks: structural chemistry and applicationsZavalij, Peter Y.
article2009High pressure evolution of luminescence of the Pr3+ doped oxide materialsGrinberg, M.
article2009Structure evolution of La2-xSrx(Cu,Ni)O4 assessed by the rietveld methodMinikayev, R.; Malinowski, A.; Bezusyy, V.; Paszkowicz, W.; Cieplak, M.
article2009Crystal structure and characterization of a new complex phosphate KCsBi3P3O13Zatovsky, I. V.; Baumer, V. N.; Strutynska, N. Yu.; Slobodyanik, M. S.; Terebilenko, K. V.
article2009Luminescence of doped with Cr, Ti and Mn ions ABP2O7 phosphatesNedilko, S.
article2009The mechanism and kinetics of formation of the aurivillius phases Bi2MNbTiO9 (M=Bi, rare earth)Grincevich, T. G.; Missyul, A. B.; Zvereva, I. A.
article2009Elements of morphology of strained epitaxial garnet filmsNedviga, A. S.; Nesteruk, A. G.; Vishnevskii, V. G.; Milyukova, H. T.; Berzhansky, V. N.; Karavainikov, A. V.; Danishevskaya, H. V.; Shaposhnikov, A. N.
article2009Application of electronic theory of sintering to the ferrite systemsKopayev, A. V.; Bushkova, V. S.
article2009Design and characterization of resonator mirrors for microlasers on the base of YAlO3 single crystals activated with Nd3+ and Tm3+ ionsIlyina, О. S.; Hajduchok, V. G.; Іzhnin, A. І.; Sugak, D. Yu.; Kuzmak, R. М.; Syvorotka, І. І.; Diachok, Ya. J.; Vakiv, М. М.
article2009Optimization of Q-switched microchip Nd3+:YAG/Cr4+:YAG lasers for range finder applicationsBuryy, O. A.; Izhnin, A. I.; Syvorotka, I. I.; Sugak, D. Yu.; Ubizskii, S. B.; Vakiv, M. M.
article2009Second and third harmonic response in ZNO/PMMA nanocomposite filmsKulyk, B.; Sahraoui, B.; Kapustianyk, V.; Rudyk, V.; Krupka, O.; Tkaczyk, S.; Kityk, I.
article2009LSCF cathode materials for intermediate temperature solid oxide fuel cellsUshkalov, L.; Vasylyev, O.; Pryschepa, Ye.; Samelyuk, A.; Melakh, V.
article2009Resistance switching effects in perovskite oxidesBelogolovskii, Mikhail A.
article2009EB-PVD electrolyte for solid oxide fuel cellsBrychevskyi, M.; Vasylyev, O.; Dubykivskyi, L.; Sameluk, A.
article2009Electrical characterisation of an oxide-pn-junction under illuminationSaucke, Gesine; Hoffmann, Joerg; Norpoth, Jonas; Zhu, Yimei; Jooss, Christian
article2009The formation conditions of optical solitons in the optical activity sillenite crystalsDovhyj, Ya. O.; Zamorsky, M. K.; Man’kovska, I. G.
article2009Luminescence of Cu+ and Cu2+ ions in CsBr crystalsZorenko, Yu.; Voznyak, T.; Turchak, R.
article2009Giant magnetocaloric effect in manganitesSzymczak, R.; Kolano, R.; Kolano-Burian, A.; Dyakonov, V. P.; Szymczak, H.
article2009New cobaltites and chromites with a distorted K2NiF4 type of structureVasylechko, L.; Fedorchuk, A.; Trots, D.; Prots, Yu.; Schmidt, M.; Hoffmann, S.
article2009Beyond AL2TIO5: AL6TI2O13 and structural models for intergrowth structures in the phase diagram AL2O3 – TIO2Hoffmann, Stefan; Yoshimura, Masahiro
article2009In-operando neutron scattering studies of Li-ion batteriesSenyshyn, A.; Ehrenberg, H.; Mühlbauer, M.; Fuess, H.
article2009Nanopowders of lutetium oxide and compacts on their basisDulina, N. A.; Matveevskaya, N. A.; Yermolayeva, Y. V.; Yavetskiy, R. P.; Sergienko, Z. P.; Vovk, E. A.; Tolmachev, A. V.
article2009Domain states in perovskite structure of GdFeO3 typeSavytskii, D.; Tataryn, T.; Bismayer, U.
article2009Ultrafine alloyed forsterite powders obtained by sol-gel methodVakhula, Ya.; Borshchyshyn, I.; Lutsyuk, І.
article2009Local phenomena in metamict mineralsBismayer, Ulli; Paulmann, Carsten
article2009Disorder and diffusion in mayeniteBoysen, Hans; Kaiser-Bischoff, Ines; Lerch, Martin
article2009On the formation of cavities in the paratellurite crystalsTurok, I. I.
article2009Study of radiation stimulated processing in corundum monocrysytals by synchrotron radiation excitationHarutunyan, V. V.; Makhov, V. N.; Kirm, M.; Vielhauer, S.
article2009Recombination processes in PbWO4 and PbWO4:Tb crystalsNovosad, S. S.; Kostyk, L. V.; Novosad, I. S.; Tsvetkova, О. V.
article2009Fabrication of Lu2O3 ceramics by sintering of spherical particlesYavetskiy, R. P.; Dulina, N. A.; Sergienko, Z. P.; Tolmachev, A. V.; Vovk, E. A.; Vovk, O. M.
article2009Growth of thick epitaxial yag:Cr4+ films for passive q-switching of microchip lasersSyvorotka, I. I.; Syvorotka, I. M.; Ubizskii, S. B.
article2009Research and development ZnBO4 (B=W,Mo) crystal scintillators for search of rare processes in astrophysicsDubovik, A. M.; Vostretsov, Yu. Ya.; Grynyov, B. V.; Danevich, F. A.; Kraus, H.; Nagornaja, L. L.; Mikhailik, V. B.; Tupitsyna, I. A.
article2009Electroconductive and dielectric properties of solid solutions and composites based on the bismuth vanadateTorba, J. N.; Fortalnova, E. A.; Golubko, N. V.; Kaleva, G. M.; Safronenko, M. G.; Venkovskii, N. U.; Politova, E. D.
article2009Changes in OH– absorption spectra of pure LiNbO3 during reducing/oxidizing annealingSugak, Yu.; Sugak, D.; Zhydachevskii, Ya.; Buryy, O.; Solskii, I.; Ubizskii, S.; Becker, K.-D.
article2009Defects in magnesium aluminates spinel ceramicsGritsyna, V. T.; Kazarinov, Yu. G.; Moskvitin, A. O.; Reimanis, I. E.
article2009Energy and structure of the europium impurity emission centers in the PWO crystalsChukova, O.; Nedilko, S.; Scherbatskyi, V.
article2009Thermoluminescent properties of manganese-doped YAP ceramicsZhydachevskii, Ya.; Suchocki, A.
article2009Equation of state and pressure dependence of lattice parameter of gadolinium gallium garnet crystalsDurygin, A.; Paszkowicz, W.; Buczko, R.; Kaminska, A.; Saxena, S.; Suchocki, A.
article2009Determination of the thermoluminescence kinetic parameters in Li2B4O7:Ag single crystalsLyamayev, V. I.; Holovey, V. M.
article2009Theoretical modelling of the luminescence spectra of oxide crystals AWO4 (A=Zn, Pb) with defectsNikolaenko, T.; Hizhnyi, Yu.; Nedilko, S.
article2009Spectral characteristics of calcium iodide crystals, activated by oxygen- and hydrogen-containing impuritiesNovosad, S. S.; Novosad, I. S.; Khvyschun, I. O.
article2009Basic kinetic model of the x-ray conductivity of semiconductorsDegoda, V.
article2009Magnons and phonons excitations in nanosized NiOMironova-Ulmane, N.; Kuzmin, A.; Dizhbite, T.; Sildos, I.; Pärs, M.; Grabis, J.
article2009Remanent resistance changes at pcmo-metal interfaces: electrical induced polaron orderingMeyer, B.-U.; Scherff, M.; Hoffmann, J.; Whu, L.; Zhu, Y.; Jooss, Ch.
article2009Luminescence properties of Ca3-xCdxGa2Ge3O12 garnet system doped by Eu3+ ionsKostyk, L.; Luchechko, A.; Tsvetkova, O.; Kuklinski, B.; Vas’kiv, A.
Результати 1-100 зі 153 (час пошуку: 0.004 секунди).