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The scientific-technical journal

It is the scientific-technical journal in English in Ukraine discussing actual problems of chemistry and chemical technology. Compared with other chemical journals Ch&ChT is publishing materials of both theoretical and practical values in such fields as analytical, general organic, physical and inorganic chemistry; chemistry of high molecular compounds; materials science and engineering; chemical kinetics and catalysis; technology of inorganic substances; technology of organic synthesis products; chemical technology of processing of combustible minerals; processes and apparatus of chemical and food productions; biotechnology and ecology.

Chemistry & Chemical Technology : [the scientific-technical journal] / Lviv Polytechnic National University ; editor-in-chief M. Bratychak. – Lviv : Publishing House of Lviv Polytechnic National University, 2015. – Volume 9, number 3. – P. 261–390, IV : ill.

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Article2015Comparison of power-ecological characteristics of diesel engine work on mixed diesel fuels on the basis of ethyl esters of rapeseed and sunflower oilsPatrylak, Lyubov; Patrylak, Kazymyr; Okhrimenko, Mykhailo; Zubenko, Stepan; Levterov, Anton; Savytskyi, Volodymyr
Article2015Application of gradient method for solving constrained optimization tasksSanginova, Olga; Danilkovich, Anatolii; Bondarenko, Sergii; Branovitskaia, Slava
Article2015Development of mathematical models of external mass exchange under conditions of vibroextraction from vegetable raw materialsZavialov, Vladimir; Bodrov, Viktor; Misyura, Taras; Popova, Nataliya; Zaporozhets, Yuliya; Dekanskiy, Vadim
Article2015Using bitumen emulsions based on oxidated, distillation and modified oxidated bitumens for Slurry Seal productionPyshyev, Serhiy; Grytsenko, Yuriy; Solodkyy, Serhiy; Sidun, Iurii; Vollis, Oleksiy
Article2015Distribution design of plasticizer used for nitrocellulose granules saturationLukashev, Vladimir; Onda, Vita; Verenich, Alexandr; Shevtsova, Tatiana
Article2015Investigation of surface free energy of the glassceramic coatings on titanium for medical purposesSavvova, Oksana; Shadrina, Galina; Babich, Olena; Fesenko, Оleksiy
Article2015Influence of iron oxides on the properties of unfluoridated enamel frit glass and coatingsRyzhova, Olga; Khokhlov, Maxim; Goleus, Victor; Nosenko, Alexander
Article2015Hydrodynamics of gas flow in small-sized vortex granulators in the production of nitrogen fertilizersArtyukhov, Artem; Sklabinskyi, Vsevolod
Article2015Mass exchange of dispersed materials encapsulating in quasi-liquefaction stateNagursky, Oleg; Gumnitsky, Yaroslav
Article2015Selectivity of formation and yield of dicarboxylic acid mono- and diesters under stationary conditionsMelnyk, Stepan; Dzinyak, Bohdan
Article2015Study of kinetics of medicinal substances release from chitosan filmsShurshina, Angela; Kulish, Elena; Lazdin, Roman
Article2015Synthesis and application of oligomer with hydroxy groups based on peroxy derivative of ED-24 epoxy resin and РolyTHF-2000 oligoetherIvashkiv, Ostap; Namiesnik, Jacek; Astakhova, Olena; Shyshchak, Olena; Bratychak, Michael
Article2015A new approach to the creation of сarbon-polymer nanocomposites with polyethylene as a binderKolesov, Sergei; Bazunova, Marina; Kulish, Elena; Valiev, Denis; Zaikov, Gennady
Article2015Structuring and electric conductivity of polymer composites pyrolysed at high temperaturesAneli, Jimsher; Natriashvili, Tamaz; Zaikov, Gennady
Article2015Copolymerization of peroxy derivatives of dioxydiphenylpropane diglycidyl ether monomethacrylate with styreneIatsyshyn, Oksana; Bratychak, Michael; Shyshchak, Olena; Mitina, Nataliya; Zaichenko, Olexander
Article2015Modeling of chemical surface deposition (CSD) of CdS and CdSe semiconductor thin filmsGuminilovych, Ruslana; Shapoval, Pavlo; Yatchyshyn, Iosyp; Shapoval, Stepan
Article2015Synthesis and research of reactivation of phosphorylated cholinesterase by quaternary pyridinium-aldoxime saltsBobkova, Ludmila
Article2015Effect of the reactants molar ratio on the kinetics of the reaction to obtain 2-hydroxyethyl-1,3,4 trimethyl-cyclohex-3-encarboxylateKostiv, Irina; Marshalok, Olga; Marshalok, Galyna; Pyrig, Igor
Article2015Kinetic regularities of hydroxy(poly)alkyleneoxy(meth)acrylates acylation by phthalic anhydrideGladii, Andrii; Tsyupko, Fedir; Polyugyn, Igor; Yatchyshyn, Iosyp; Laruk, Marta
Article2015Kinetic spectrophotometric method for the determination of suxamethonium chlorideBlazheyevskiy, Mykola; Kryskiw, Lyubomyr
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 21