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Conference Abstract2017Development and computerization of an English term system in the fields of drilling and drilling rigsHordienko, Herman; Ilchenko, Margarita
Conference Abstract2017Analysis of existing German CorporaOlifenko, Inna; Borysova, Natalia
Conference Abstract2017Use of linguistic criteria for estimating of wikipedia articles qualityKolesnik, Anastasiia; Khairova, Nina
Conference Abstract2017Creation of a multilingual aligned corpus with Ukrainian as the target language and its exploitationGrabar, Natalia; Hamon, Thierry
Conference Abstract2017Unsupervised acquisition of morphological resources for UkrainianHamon, Thierry; Grabar, Natalia
Conference Abstract2017Intelligent system structure for Web resources processing and analysisLytvyn, Vasyl; Vysotska, Victoria; Chyrun, Lyubomyr; Smolarz, Andrzej; Naum, Oleh
Conference Abstract2017A method of construction of automated basic ontologyLytvyn, Vasyl; Vysotska, Victoria; Wojcik, Waldemar; Dosyn, Dmytro
Conference Abstract2017Content analysis of some social media of the occupied territories of UkraineLytvynenko, Volodymyr; Lurie, Iryna; Radetska, Svitlana; Voronenko, Mariia; Kornilovska, Natalia; Partenjucha, Daria
Conference Abstract2017Improving communication in enterprise solutions: challenges and opportunitiesGorbachov, Vitaliy; Cherednichenko, Olga
Conference Abstract2017Intelligent data processing in creating targeted advertisingKirkin, Stanislav; Melnyk, Karina
Conference Abstract2017Search optimization and localization of the website of Department of Applied LinguisticsPidpruzhnikov, Vsevolod; Ilchenko, Margarita
Conference Abstract2017Gamification: today and tomorrowYukhno, Katherine; Chubar, Eugenia
Conference Abstract2017Statistical methods usage of descriptive statistics in corpus linguisticDidusov, Valeriy; Kochueva, Zoia
Conference Abstract2017Semantic state superpositions and their treatment in virtual lexicographic laboratory for spanish language dictionaryKuprianov, Yevgen
Conference Abstract2017NLP resources for a rare language morphological analyzer: danish caseKotov, Mykhailo
Conference Abstract2017An index of authors’ popularity for Internet encyclopediaLande, Dmitry; Andrushchenko, Valentyna; Balagura, Iryna
Conference Abstract2017Evaluation ofa formalized model for classification of emergency situationsTitova, Vera; Gnatchuk, Ielizaveta
Conference Abstract2017Discursive units in scientific textsVerbinenko, Yulia
Conference Abstract2017Methods of comparing interval objects in intelligent computer systemsShepelev, Gennady; Khairova, Nina
Conference Abstract2017Methods and models of automatic ontology construction for specialized domains (case of the Radiation Security)Orobinska, Olena; Chauchat, Jean-Hugues; Sharonova, Natalya
Conference Abstract2015Gamma-induced changes in optical transmission of As-S semiconductor glassesShpotyuk, Mykhaylo; Kovalenko, Andriy; Yakhnevych, Ulyana; Teslyuk, Dmytro
Conference Abstract2015Development of manipulation detecting algorithm as a constituent of the Internet community management systemHolub, Zoriana
Conference Abstract2015Knowledge-based situational awareness systemsMykich, Khrystyna; Burov, Eugene
Conference Abstract2015Blood cells classification by image color and intensity features clusteringMelnyk, R. A.; Dubytskyi, A. O.
Conference Abstract2015One approach for computing simple polygons on a given point set in the plainFisunenko, Andriy
Conference Abstract2015Modified multiplying matrix for Galois field GF(2m) multiplier structural complexity evaluationHlukhova, Aleksandra
Conference Abstract2015Geoinformation technologies for tourist’s travel supportArtemenko, Olga; Popyk, Igor
Conference Abstract2015Automatization design of the user interface based on the knowledge that describes ontologyZavuschak, Iryna; Burov, Eugene
Conference Abstract2015On solutions properties of continuous linear problems of optimal multiplex-partitioning of sets without constraintsCherevatenko, Antonina
Conference Abstract2015Computer modeling and automation of process of cleaning liquids from ferromagnetic impuritiesSafonyk, Andrii; Koval, Serhiy
Conference Abstract2015Intelligent control systems of electrical complexes in biotechnological objectsLysenko, Vitaliy; Dudnyk, Alla
Conference Abstract2015The optimization of databases distribution in a distributed computer networksKrasniuk, Roman
Conference Abstract2015Development of countryside by the building of agrarian socio-eco-comlexesBabenko, Maryna; Savytskyi, Mykola
Conference Abstract2015Galois field operational unit for Elliptic Curve Cryptography Digital SignatureRahma, Mohammed Kadhim
Conference Abstract2015Implementing social knowledge environments for NGOs: key research questionsBerezko, Oleksandr
Conference Abstract20153D seismic velocity models distribution for complete complex of processing and interpretation of seismic data in Dnieper-Donets BasinPetruniak, V.; Ustenko, I.
Conference Abstract2015Study of vertical movements of the European crust using tide gauge and GNSS observationsTretyak, Kornyliy; Dosyn, Solomiya
Conference Abstract2015DTM modelling of open pit mines using unmanned aerial vehiclesWajs, Jaroslaw
Conference Abstract2015Design of an intelligence information system of airport services automationRybchak, Zoriana; Basyuk, Taras
Conference Abstract2015Development of a statistically reliable pseudorandom bit sequenceMandrona, Maria; Maksymovych, Volodymyr; Kostiv, Yuriy; Harasymchuk, Oleh
Conference Abstract2015Automation of prototyping the pattern tests from an electronic compendium of lecturesMarkelov, О.; Basalkevych, О.
Conference Abstract2015Features of multiplication execution of operations in binary and ternary Galois fieldsKostyk, Andrii; Hlukhov, Valerii; Zholubak, Ivan
Conference Abstract2015Neural network technology for image downscalingTytyk, Roman; Tkachenko, Roman; Izonin, Ivan; Hrytsyk, Kateryna
Conference Abstract2015Effectiveness evaluation of modified block ciphers using standardized NIST statistical testsIhnatovych, Anatoliy
Conference Abstract2015Research of electromagnetic radiation influence of power lines on satellite signals distributionZademlenyuk, Antonina; Lysak, Vitaliy
Conference Abstract2015Image structure evaluation by statistical intensity featuresMelnyk, Roman; Boyko, Iryna
Conference Abstract2015Program loading and execution in self-configurable computer systems using the conventional operating system loaderMelnyk, Viktor; Kit, Andriy
Conference Abstract2015Valid formation of scientific schoolsZheliznyak, Iryna
Conference Abstract2015Research and development of methods to select the optimal location of vehicles on the parking lotKryvyy, Rostyslav; Kovaliuk, Oleh
Conference Abstract2015The efficiency of the combined solar collector in the gravity mode in the southern orientationShapoval, Stepan; Vengryn, Iryna
Conference Abstract2015Methods of formation the experimental spacesSavchenko-Pichugina, Nataliya
Conference Abstract2015The formation of a barrier-free environment in the historical apartment buildings in LvivPekarchuk, Оksana
Conference Abstract2015The potential of solar energy in UkraineShapoval, Stepan
Conference Abstract2015The potential of port buildings and structures for further renovation under cultural – community centersGormakh, Ganna
Conference Abstract2015Research methods of ski resorts’ visual perceptionOnufriv, Yaryna
Conference Abstract2015Shear strength of RC beams strengthened by FRCM systemVegera, Pavlo; Khmil, Roman; Blikharskiy, Zinoviy
Conference Abstract2015A history of public artKyselyova, Alla
Conference Abstract2015Basic principles of low-rise residential floating buildings designShekhorkina, Svitlana
Conference Abstract2015Сonformity of energy efficiency measures in Ukraine with European requirementsOzhyshchenko, Olga
Conference Abstract2015Efficiency evaluation of stress-strain state calculation method for optimal designing of reconstruction and reinforcement of steel structuresPeleshko, Ivan; Baluk, Igor; Peleshko, Sviatoslav
Conference Abstract2015Optical illusion: apogee developmentElena, Chernyсhuk; Bazylevych, Viktoriya
Conference Abstract2015Тhe memory of the cityYuryk, Yaryna
Conference Abstract2015Bearing capacity of steel plate anchor in cellular concrete block masonry. Research aims, programme and methodologyVerba, Volodymyr; Olovets, Oleh
Conference Abstract2015Definition of equivalent roughness of internal surface of a measuring pipelineChaban, Bohdan; Lesovoy, Leonid
Conference Abstract2015Experimental studies of combined heat supply system in the flow mode during the summer period for LvivPona, Ostap; Gulay, Bohdan; Shapoval, Stepan
Conference Abstract2015The detection of winding short circuits in single-phase double-winding transformersDmytryk, Bohdan; Ravlyk, Oleksandr
Conference Abstract2015Control systems of permanent magnet synchronous machine as port-controlled hamiltonian systemBiletskyi, Yurii
Conference Abstract2015Ferroresonant processes in 10 kV power grids and there controlYatseyko, Andriy; Hyrska, Kateryna
Conference Abstract2015The influence of «cross-subvention» on economic efficiency of thermal insulation of buildingsMuzychak, Andriy; Voznyakovska, Olya
Conference Abstract2015Searching for optima control parameters of thermal object using pulse-width modulation (PWM) control with predictive filterYevseienko, Oleg; Gapon, Anatoliy; Salnikov, Dmytro
Conference Abstract2015Switched reluctance motor for city electro-car driveKasha, Lidiya; Bilyakovskyy, Ihor
Conference Abstract2015Development of analyzer for paper stock concentration measurementRomaniuk, Oleksandr; Kril, Bohdan
Conference Abstract2015Definition factors cubic approximating polynomial for locking characteristics of steel pipelinesMuzychak, Andriy; Pasternak, Roman
Conference Abstract2015Analysis of robust stability of electromechanical systems, described by fractional order transfer functionKopchak, Bohdan
Conference Abstract2015Mathematical modeling and experimental study of impulse lines of flowmetersFedoryshyn, Roman; Matiko, Fedir; Kostyk, Ihor; Stefurak, Khrystyna
Conference Abstract2015Mathematical model for investigation of wave processes in high-voltage transformersKurylyshyn, Oleksander
Conference Abstract2015Development and research of bulk material moisture meterGreh, Roman; Kril, Oleksandr
Conference Abstract2015Renewable energy sources in hot water supply systemKuznetsova, Marta; Maliovanyy, Myroslav
Conference Abstract2015Features of the boiler (centralized heat supply) during the heating season and hot water supplyMartynyak, Marta
Conference Abstract2015Investigation of ultrasonic flowmeter error in conditions of distortion of flow structureRoman, Vitalii; Matiko, Fedir
Conference Abstract2015Determination of cost of contra-rotating wind turbine with transformer with rotating halfKovalchuk, Andrii; Khai, Vasyl
Conference Abstract2015Determining of volume of natural gas losses caused by damages of distribution networksDzhyhyrei, Viktor; Matiko, Fedir; Klymkovskyi, Dmytro
Conference Abstract2015Application of basic tools of experimental economy in management scienceJoachimiak, Izabela
Conference Abstract2015The risk of appearance corrupt practices in the management of assets of private pension fundsKulinich, Tetyana; Zhayvoronok, Illya
Conference Abstract2015Tangible and intangible methods of motivationKruglov, Vitaliy; Kozyakova, Darina
Conference Abstract21-лис-2017Results of implementation of the pilot project of management system for learning and concomitance of the educational, methodological and scientific activities “JETIQ”Bisikalo, Oleg; Palamarchuk, Yevhen; Kovalenko, Olena
Conference Abstract21-лис-2017Розроблення системи off-line проміжного (модульного) тестування з фото-відео фіксацією, яка попереджує використання студентами недозволених інформаційних засобівМазур, Микола; Яновський, Михайло
Conference Abstract2015The role of educational projects in ensuring youth competitiveness in the labor marketKulyniak, Ihor; Koshyk, Olha
Conference Abstract2015Domestic labor market’s modern development trends in terms of European integrationAnhelko, Iryna
Conference Abstract2015Efficiency of management capacityProkopyshyn-Rashkevych, Lubov; Karkovska, Veronika
Conference Abstract2015Income tax on individuals as a tool impact population welfareKhymych, Oksana; Shkilna, Valentyna
Conference Abstract2015Ways of improvement of tax administration on real estate distinct from plot of landPelekhatyy, Andriy
Conference Abstract2015Problems in the CSR program formation and ways of their solutionMuzhelyak, Myroslava
Conference Abstract2015Evaluation conflicts in the enterprises activitiesPodolchak, N.; Kovalchuk, G.
Conference Abstract2015The effect of vacuumization on the photoluminescence and photoresponse decay of ZnO nanostructures grown by different methodsRudyk, Yuriy; Rudko, Mykola; Turko, Borys; Rudyk, Viktor; Panasiuk, Myron; Kapustianyk, Volodymyr; Vaskiv, Andriy
Conference Abstract2015Financial market stabilization as a component of economic security of UkraineTosko, Roman; Blynda, Yuriy
Conference Abstract2015Ecologistics activities in terms of communal waste in PolandZielińska, Anetta
Conference Abstract2015EU microintegration: challenges, opportunities, milestonesDuma, Oleg
Conference Abstract21-лис-2017Метод пошуку асоціативних залежностей у великих данихШаховська, Наталя; Камінський, Роман; Засоба, Є. О.
Conference Abstract21-лис-2017Інформаційні та комунікаційні технології інклюзивного навчання в УкраїніПасічник, Володимир Володимирович; Шестакевич, Тетяна
Результати 1-100 зі 1087 (час пошуку: 0.004 секунди).