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Article2010T-wave alternans analysis in ambulatory ECG monitoringChłapinski, Jakub; Kaminski, Marek; Sakowicz, Bartosz; Kotas, Rafał
Article2010Tailor-made block copolymers of poly (acrylic acid) as pigments surface modification agentsBulychev, Nikolay
Article20-Jan-2017Tapered bubble column using pseudoplastic non-newtonian liquids – empirical correlation for pressure dropJana, Sumit Kumar; Das, Sudip Kumar
Article20-Jan-2018Target synthesis of functional biocompatible nanocomposites with “core-shell” structureZaichenko, Alexander; Mitina, Nataliya; Miagkota, Olesia; Hevus, Orest; Bilyi, Rortyslav; Stoika, Rostyslav; Payuk, Olena; Nadashkevych, Zoriana; Voloshinovskii, Anatoliy
Article2016Tasks scaling with Chameleon© C2HDL design tool in self-configurable Computer Systems based on partially reconfigurable FPGAsMelnyk, Anatoliy; Melnyk, Viktor; Tsyhylyk, Liubomyr
Article2012Tautomerisation of the A•T Watson -crick base pair via the double proton transfer as a possible source of point mutations in DNA: QM and QTAIM perspectivesBrovarets’, Ol’ha O.; Hovoruna, Dmytro M.
Article2013Tax incentives for investment support of production restructuring of enterprisesKryvetskyi, Ihor; Muzhelyak, Myroslava
Article2014Taxation in the system of state stimulation for innovation and investment activitiesMyskin, Yu. I.
Article2011Taylor expansion of special Ateb-functionsDrohomyretska, Kh. T.
Article2013Teaching consecutive interpretation by means of “Dialog Nibelung” softwareStrilets, Valentyna; Kolos, Yulia
Article2012Teaching listening comprehension in Ukrainian L2 classroom: CLT perspectiveSivachenko, Olena
Article2015Teaching word stress and utterance stressOryshchyn, I. S.
Article2013Technical losses of the recuperated electric energy in a DC traction power supply systemNikitenko, Anatoliy
Article2013Technical measures of riverbank stabilization in engineering practiceOndrejka Harbuľáková, Vlasta; Zeleňáková, Martina
Article2013Technical сonfiguration of TV white space devices: a conceptual viewGepko, Igor
Article2011Techniki reflektometryczne TDR w pomiarach podciągania kapilarnego murów z kazimierskiej opokiBаrnat-Hunek, D.; Suchorab, Z.
Article2010Technique of defining the electric resistance of the IC contact padsHotra, Zenon; Dyachok, Dmytro; Lob, Yaroslav; Semenyuk, Anatoliy
Article2016Techniques for natural gas physical properties definition for flow rate and volume metering systemsMatiko, Fedir; Matiko, Halyna; Roman, Vitalii; Stasiuk, Ivan
Article2014Techniques of random signal recognition for solution to applied problemsBezruk, Valeriy; Omelchenko, Anatolii; Fedorov, Oleksii
Article2013Technogenic nanoparticles from coal carbonization productsShmalko, Volodymyr; Zelensky, Oleg; Rudkevich, Maryan