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Article2009C2–C4 Alkenes conversion over ZVM+2 % Zn high-silica zeolite catalyst at high volumetric flow ratesBabyak, Ludmila; Matsyak, Olexandra; Shevchuk, Vasyl; Phan, Bao Tan; Truong, Duc Trung
Article2009Cad system of the screws type end-cap designingSobolewski, J. Z.; Bonarowski, J.; Skotnicki, S.
Article2-May-2018CAD/CAM/CAE-systems in design of architectural environmentВергунова, Наталія; Блінова, Марія; Vergunova, Natalia; Blinova, Mariya
Article2016Cadastre in land market structurePerovych, L.; Muzyka, N.
Article2007Cadmium electrochemical reduction in CdCl2 solutions in dimethylsulfoxide and morphology of cathode depositKuntyi, Оrest; Bilan', Oleg; Yavorskyi, Viktor; Okhremchuk, Yevhen
Article2010Calcium tungstate is a perspective acousto-optic material. Photoelastic propertiesMytsyk, Bohdan; Kost’, Yaroslav; Andrushchak, Anatoliy; Solskii, Ivan
Article2016Calculation method of heat capacity change during organic compounds vaporization and sublimationSobechko, Iryna
Article2012Calculation method of production log holdup using CAT instrumentGuang Song, Wen
Article2012Calculation of electromagnetic processes for a turbogenerator with equivalent stator and rotor tooth zones in no-load regimeKovivchak, Yaroslav
Article2016Calculation of expansibility factor of gas at its flow through an orifice plate with flange pressure tappingsPistun, Yevhen; Lesovoy, Leonid
Article2011Calculation of losses, heating in tank covers of powerful transformersBasova, Anastasija; Ivankov, Victor; Nizhnik, Leonid; Khimjuk, Ivan
Article2010Calculation of NMR 13C spectra of pentanol and its esters as an example of effective application of additivity of chemical shift Increments for attributed signals in aliphatic compounds spectraMizyuk, Volodymyr; Shibanov, Volodymyr
Article2012Calculation of optical rotation and refractive indices in the langasite family crystalsShopa, Ya.; Ftomyn, N.
Article2011Calculation of the amount of produced electricity by photovoltic panelsKušnír, M.; Kapalo, P.
Article2013Calculation of the dynamic response of reinforced concrete structures subjected to the ffects of heavy transportDemjan, Ivo; Tomko, Michal
Article2016Calculation of the underground gas store functioning parameters in the water drive mode for maintenance of gas extraction processPyanylo, Ya.; Vavrychuk, P.
Article2012Calculation of thin disk non axis symmetric vibration resonant frequenciesIanovska, Iuliia; Petrishev, Oleg; Bogdan, Oleksander; Yakymenko, Yuriy
Article2010Calculations of transfer functions of the defense control systemsHoroshko, V.; Tiskina, О.; Odiyanenko, О.
Article2007CALS як вектор стратегічного розвитку високотехнологічного підприємстваОмельяненко, Т. В.
Article2009CALS-technologies in synthesis of multiassortmental manufacturing for phosphorus sludge utilizationBessarabov, Arkadiy; Zakolodina, Tatyana; Sandu, Roman; Zaikov, Gennady