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article2009A concept of CSI-Li2B4O7 sandwich detector for simultaneous light charged particles and neutrons measurementBorgensztajn, Joanna
article2009A new family of high Na+-ion conductivity solid electrolytesNalbandyan, V. B.; Evstigneeva, M. A.; Petrenko, A. A.; Medvedev, B. S.; Ni, E. V.
article2009About a nature of a high-coercivity state in epitaxial films of magnetic garnetsKostishyn, V. G.; Morchenko, A. T.; Medved’, V. V.
article2009Absorption and birefringent properties of doped calcium gallogermanate crystalsShopa, Yaroslav; Ftomyn, Nazar
article2009Application of electronic theory of sintering to the ferrite systemsKopayev, A. V.; Bushkova, V. S.
article2009Baric displacement of phase transition in (NH4)2SO4 crystalsGaba, V. M.
article2009Basic kinetic model of the x-ray conductivity of semiconductorsDegoda, V.
article2009Beyond AL2TIO5: AL6TI2O13 and structural models for intergrowth structures in the phase diagram AL2O3 – TIO2Hoffmann, Stefan; Yoshimura, Masahiro
article2009Cathodoluminescence of the un-doped and doped noncrystalline lithium – potassium – borate compoundsAdamiv, V. T.; Padlyak, B. V.; Savczyn, V. P.; Teslyuk, I. M.; Burak, Ya. V.
article2009Ceramic fuel cell electronic device: structure & propertiesVasylyev, O. D.; Brychevskyi, M. M.; Brodnikovskyi, Ie. M.; Chedryk, V. I.; Melakh, V. G.; Pryschepa, Ie. G.; Ushkalov, L. M.; Vereschak, V. G.
article2009Changes in OH– absorption spectra of pure LiNbO3 during reducing/oxidizing annealingSugak, Yu.; Sugak, D.; Zhydachevskii, Ya.; Buryy, O.; Solskii, I.; Ubizskii, S.; Becker, K.-D.
article2009Comparison of sorption ability of alive and dried yeasts S. Cerevisiae for purification of waste waters under mechanical stirringGorobets, S. V.; Kolesnyk, M. M.
article2009Complex lanthanide oxides from molten phosphate – molybdate (tungstate) media: synthesis, crystal structure and photoluminescence propertiesTerebilenko, K. V.; Nedilko, S. G.; Zatovsky, I. V.; Slobodyanik, M. S.; Baumer, V. N.; Boyko, V. V.; Scherbatskii, V. P.
article2009Conductive properties of aliovalent-substituted ktpanalogues KMII 0.333Nb0.667OPO4 (MII – Mn, Co, Ni)Babaryk, A. A.; Zatovsky, I. V.; Kuzmin, R. N.; Slobodyanik, N. S.; Baumer, V. N.
article2009Construction and characterisation of double layer capacitorsStević, Zoran; Rajčić-Vujasinović, Mirjana; Bugarinović, Sanja; Dekanski, Aleksandar
article2009Crystal growth and structure characterization of rare earth double tungstateIwanowski, P.; Domukhovski, V.; Berkowski, M.
article2009Crystal structure and characterization of a new complex phosphate KCsBi3P3O13Zatovsky, I. V.; Baumer, V. N.; Strutynska, N. Yu.; Slobodyanik, M. S.; Terebilenko, K. V.
article2009Crystal structure refinement of [M2Cu2O3]m[CuO2]n spin-ladder ompounds in 4D spaceZaremba, O.; Akselrud, L.; Gladyshevskii, R.
article2009Czochralski growth and scintillation properties of bulk gadolinium pyrosilicate (Gd2Si2O7:Ce) crystalsGerasymov, I.; Baumer, V.; Bondar, V.; Grinyov, B.; Katrunov, K.; Starzhinsky, N.; Sidletskiy, O.; Tarasenko, O.; Tarasov, V.; Tkachenko, S.; Voloshina, O.; Zelenskaya, O.; Zenya, I.
article2009Defects in magnesium aluminates spinel ceramicsGritsyna, V. T.; Kazarinov, Yu. G.; Moskvitin, A. O.; Reimanis, I. E.