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PreviewTypeIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Article26-Feb-2019V Всеукраїнська науково-технічна конференція молодих вчених у царині метрології “Technical using of measurement-2019”Яцук, В. О.; Yatsuk, Vasyl
Article28-Mar-2017V Міжнародний тюремний конгрес 1895 р.: основні ідеї та рішенняМарисюк, Костянтин; Marysyuk, Konstantin; Марисюк, Константин
Conference Abstract2015Valid formation of scientific schoolsZheliznyak, Iryna
Article20-Jan-2017Validation of a method to quantify platinum in cisplatin by inductively-coupled plasmaTorres, Maykel Gonzalez; Torres, Carolina Munoz; Torres, Ataulfo Martinez; Munoz, Susana Vargas; Talavera, Rogelio Rodriguez; Ruiz-Baltazar, Alvaro de Jesus; Brostow, Witold
Article2015Value of the formal and iconological approaches for conceptualizatio of style problem in architectureLinda, Svitlana
Book Chapter2018Values in the system of innovation management as factors of improving the competitiveness of organizationsKopets, H.; Kulyniak, I.
article2009Vanadium oxide extended frameworks: structural chemistry and applicationsZavalij, Peter Y.
Article2010Vaporization and sublimation enthalpies of six carbone-12 peroxide containing derivativesDibrivnyi, Volodymyr; Boutylina, Natalya; Melnyk, Galyna; Raevskyi, Yurij; Van-Chin-Syan, Yurij
Article2014Variables state-based software usage modelFedasyuk, D.; Yakovyna, V.; Serdyuk, P.; Nytrebych, O.
article2009Variation of magnetic domain structure of thin manganite film with temperatureUspenskaya, L.; Nurgaliev, T.; Miteva, S.
Article2011Various concerns regarding monitoring& measurement of power quality problemsSingh, Tejinder; Dhingra, Arvind
Article2012Vehicle diagnostics based on decision treesGofman, Yevgeniy
Article2016Vending cyber-physical systems architectureSalo, Andriy
Article2015Ventilation and indoor air quality in the classroomKapalo, P.
Article2016Ventilation duct sizing tools – tradition and modernityBacotiu, C.; Domnita, F.; Hotupan, A.; P. Kapalo
Article26-Feb-2018Ventilation in flatНагі, Р.; Nagy, R.
Conference Abstract18-Oct-2019Venture capital jako źródła finansowania działalności gospodarczejLubaś, M.
Article2013Verbalization of communicative strategies and tactics in the speech genre of parliamentary debate (based on debates in the House of Commons on March 25, 2013)Artym, Khrystyna
Article2012Verification system for SoC HDL-codeLitvinova, Eugenia; Hahanova, Anna; Gorobets, Alexander; Priymak, Aleksey
Article2011Vertical movements measurements of educational centre building of Wroclaw University of Environmental and Life SciencesMonkolski, K.; Goldyn, Р.; Kazak, J.