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PreviewTypeIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Article2012Package of procedures for the decision of optimization tasks by the method of branches and bordersNestor, Natalia
Article19-Mar-2017Palladio’s artistic heritage and architectural traditions: conceptual parallelsДида, Ірина; Dyda, Iryna
Article2014Palladium deposition on magnesium in PdCL2 solutions in DMFKuntyi, Orest; Dobrovetska, Oksana; Korniy, Serhiy; Zozulya, Galyna; Mykhalyna, Galyna
Article12-Apr-2018Pamfil Yurkevych on the natural law as a regulator of just social relationsХвойницька, Христина; Khvoynytska, Khrystyna
Article2011Paper structure as an inexpensive and easy to use components of temporary sheltersLatka, J.
Article2011PAPSO algorithm for optimization of the coil arrangementBorowska, Bożena
Article8-Jun-2017Parafialny paradoks...Pukar, Roman
Article2010Parallel interpretation of relaxation method for algebraic image reconstruction in optical tomographsMusiichuk, Iryna; Tishchenko, Anton; Bondarchuk, Iaroslav; Kostyuk, Natalia
Article2012Parallel metaheuristics in graph coloringKokosiński, Z.
Article2016Parallel ordered-access machine computational model and architectureMelnyk, Anatoliy
Article2013Parallelization computations during simulation of mechanical components of mems-based diakoptical approachKarkulovskyi, B.; Karkulovskyy, V.; Kernytskyy, A.; Pukshyn, O.
Article2011Parallelization of calculations using GPU in optimization approach for macromodels constructionStakhiv, Petro; Strubytska, Iryna; Kozak, Yuriy
Article2012Parameterization method for logarithmic image processing modelVorobel, Roman; Botsian, Volodymyr
Article2011Parameters of superconducting magnets with racetrack-shaped coils and support structure placed inside torusMazurenko, Iryna; Pavlyuk, Andriy; Vasetsky, Yuriy
Article2013Parametrized orthogonal transforms for data encryptionPuchala, Dariusz; Stokfiszewski, Kamil
Article2014Partial nitritation/anammox process for nitrogen removal from mainstream wastewater in MBBR and ifas systemMalovanyy, A.; Plaza, E.; Trela, J.
article2009Partial parity of faraday rotationAdamenko, D.; Klymiv, I.; Krupych, O.; Vlokh, O.; Vlokh, R.
Article2011Partial purıfication of catalase from the cucumber (cucimus sativus)Bilgin, Ramazan; Seriner, Ramazan; Serkan, Yalcin M.
Article2017Partial semantic parsing of sentences by means of grammatically augmented ontology and weighted affix context-free grammarDavydov, M.; Lozynska, O.; Pasichnyk, V.
Article2016Participants of an innovative project: their tasks, contributions and interestsZahorodniy, A. G.; Babinska, S. Ya.