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Article2000I-радикали та напівлокальні кільцяМатурін, Ю. П.
Article2015I. Kant and l. Feuerbach about morality аnd religion as the basis of spiritual formation of a manYaremchuk, Serhiy
Article26-Jun-2019Identification and analysis of learning styles of MOOC studentsVerhun, V.
Article2016Identification of controlled plant and development of its model by means of PLCFedoryshyn, Roman; Klos, Sviatoslav; Savytskyi, Volodymyr; Masniak, Oleh
Article18-Sep-2018Identification of drones in a defined territoryNakonechnyy, A.; Berezhnyi, I.
Article2010Identification of epileptiform complexes in electroencephalogram using adapted continuous wavelet transformPopov, Anton; Zhukov, Mykhailo; Kanaykin, Alexey; Bodilovsky, Oleg
Article2014Identification of mass-transfer coefficient in spatial problem of filtrationBomba, A.Ya.; Safonyk, A. P.
Article26-Feb-2019Identification of the Defect in the Elastic Layer by Sounding of the Normal Sh-WaveVoytko, Myron; Kulynych, Yaroslav; Grynenko, Mychaylo; Kuryliak, Dozyslaw
Article2016Identification of the latent elements in the printed and electronic documentsTroyan, О.
Article2007Identification of the noise sources in a steel railway bridgeJanas, L.
Article2012Identification with privacy protection based on data hidingHolotyak, Taras; Voloshynovskiy, Svyatoslav; Prudyus, Ivan
Conference Abstract28-Feb-2018Identifining European E-Learner Profile by Means of Data MiningZavgorodnia, Olga; Mikheev, Ivan; Zyma, Oleksandr
Article18-Apr-2019Identify of the substantive, attribute, and verb collocations in russian textLytvynenko, Julia
Article2015Identifying the elastic moduli of composite plates by using high-order theoriesDiveyev, Bohdan
Article20-Mar-2019Identifying the potential of using the immobilized microorganisms and periphyton organisms installed on a fibrous carrier of the “Viya” type for biological treatment of industrial wastewater discharged by the enterprises of the mining and metallurgical complexDombrovskyi, Kostiantyn; Rylskyi, Oleksander; Gvozdyak, Petro; Krupeu, Kristina
Article26-Feb-2019Igor Seredyuk – an artist who was ahead of timeЧеркес, Богдан; Мигаль, Станіслав; Cherkes, Bohdan; Myhal, Stanislav
Article2012Il comune di Milano e le politiche di accoglienza per le donne e le famiglie migrantiColombo, Antonella
Article2013Image classification and retrieval by color concentration featuresMelnyk, Roman; Hryha, Іvan
Conference Abstract2016Image compression based on the Visvalingam-Whyatt algorithmMelnyk, R. A.; Shokur, Y. L.
Conference Abstract28-Feb-2018Image Contrast Enhancement Using a Modified Histogram EqualizationYelmanov, Sergei; Romanyshyn, Yuriy