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Article2003H-адаптивне моделювання на основі методу скінченних елементів. Частина 1: Апостеріорні оцінки похибкиМакар, В. М.; Матвійків, О. М.
Conference Abstract29-May-2017Hafnium Oxide as Efficient Material for a New GenerationMukhachov, A. P.; Kharitonova, O. A.; Terentieva, O. A.
Article2015Hales Enhancing quality of higher education delivery and outcomes with the use of computer business simulationsHales, Colin
Article2010Hall mobility in lead selenide and its analysis in MathCad computer environmentBudzhak, Ya. S.; Zub, O. V.
Conference Abstract2016Handwritten characters recognition using modification of classic Rosenblatt’s perceptron extended with multiple S-layersSerdyuk, Pavlo; Mosiiuk, Vasyl
Article2011Hardware and software for electronic circuit diagnosticsBlagitko, Bogdan; Brygilevych, Volodymyr; Rabyk, Vasyl
Conference Abstract23-Dec-2017Hardware and software for road user`s functional state researchFurman, Oleg
Article2009Hardware bitstream sequence recognizerKarpin, Oleksandr; Sokil, Volodymyr
Conference Abstract23-Dec-2017Hardware complexity of multipliers of extended Galois field in FPGAZholubak, Ivan; Hlukhov, Valeriy
Proceedings Book2016Hardware implementation design in LabVIEW of fuzzy art based partially parallel clustering systemShatnyi, S.; Tymoshchuk, P.
Article2014Hardware-in-the-loop simulationof 3D coordinates determination subsystem by using modified method of stereopairsMyts, Andriy
Article2016Hazardous household waste management in Vinnytsia regionIshchenko, Vitalii; Petruk, Roman; Kozak, Yana
Article2010he analyse of wireless communication encryption technologies. Modificated WEP protocolKavka, Orest; Garasym, Iurii; Dudykevych, Valerii
Article2013Head loss calculation in ventilation networks using the equivalent resistance (equal friction) methodDomnita F., Kapalo P.
Article2011Headspace analysis of aroma compounds using porous adsorbentsMisharina, Tamara
Article2015Heat exchange between thermometer well and pipe wall in natural gas metering systemsFedoryshyn, Roman; Matiko, Fedir
Article29-Jan-2018Heat generation and heat consumption in engine of rapid internal combustionHashchuk, Petro; Nikipchuk, Serhij
Article2016Heat pump heating systemsand low potential heat sourcesStefanco, M.; Kosicanova, D.
Article2012Heat reduction of the MWD telemetry systemMatviykiv, Taras
Article2015Heat stability in exterior walls in the summerZhelyh, Vasyl; Shapoval, Stepan; Hensetskyy, Mykola; Venhryn, Iryna