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PreviewTypeIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Article2017Galicjana jako kolekcje w polskich bibliotekach cyfrowychJanczulewicz, Katarzyna
Proceedings Book2017Galicjana jako kolekcje w polskich bibliotekach cyfrowychJanczulewicz, Katarzyna
Conference Abstract2015Galois field operational unit for Elliptic Curve Cryptography Digital SignatureRahma, Mohammed Kadhim
Conference Abstract2016Galois fields elements modified multipliers features and structural complexityTrishch, Hanna
Article3-Dec-2017Galois fields elements processing units for cryptographic data protection in cyber-physical systemsHlukhov, Valerii; Kostyk, Andrii; Zholubak, Ivan; Rahma, Mohammed
Conference Abstract28-Feb-2018Game Model for Data Stream ClusteringKravets, Petro
Article2017Gamification as the tool of supporting digitalization processes and protection of cultural heritage in librariesPiechota, Grażyna
Conference Abstract2017Gamification: today and tomorrowYukhno, Katherine; Chubar, Eugenia
Conference Abstract2015Gamma-induced changes in optical transmission of As-S semiconductor glassesShpotyuk, Mykhaylo; Kovalenko, Andriy; Yakhnevych, Ulyana; Teslyuk, Dmytro
Article2003Gareth Richard Vaughan Jones (1905–1935)Colley, M. S.; Colley, N. L.
Article2013Gas condensate residual usage for oxidated bitumen productionFryder, Iryna; Pysh’yev, Serhiy; Grynyshyn, Oleh
Article2015Gas Dynamical Capillary Flowmeters of Small and Micro Flowrates of GasesStasiuk, Ivan
Article24-Jan-2020Gas Nature Effect on the Destruction of Various Microorganisms Under Cavitation ActionKoval, Iryna; Starchevskyy, Volodymyr
Article2015Gas-dynamic analyzer of nitrogen-hydrogen mixture for industrial applicationMatiko, Halyna; Pistun, Yevhen
Article20-Mar-2019Gaseous emissions purification with the polymer gas-distributing membranes applicationMudrak, Klaudia
Article2012Gaussian wiretap channel with collaborative wiretappersVoloshynovskiy, Svyatoslav; Holotyak, Taras; Prudyus, Ivan
Article26-Feb-2019GDP in Value as a Measure for Evaluating Annual Data Flow Increase on IoTZhukov, Igor; Pechurin, Nickolay; Kondratova, Lyudmila; Pechurin, Sergey
Article19-Oct-2017Gears with asymmetric tooth profiles and new alternative method of their manufacturingHrytsay, Ihor
Article8-Jun-2017Gender issues in language and translation: English ↔ UkrainianBordyuk, Lyudmyla
Conference Abstract2015Gender metaphors in modern American proseKaspryshyn, Anna