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PreviewTypeIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Article2017Galicjana jako kolekcje w polskich bibliotekach cyfrowychJanczulewicz, Katarzyna
Proceedings Book2017Galicjana jako kolekcje w polskich bibliotekach cyfrowychJanczulewicz, Katarzyna
Conference Abstract2015Galois field operational unit for Elliptic Curve Cryptography Digital SignatureRahma, Mohammed Kadhim
Conference Abstract2016Galois fields elements modified multipliers features and structural complexityTrishch, Hanna
Article3-Dec-2017Galois fields elements processing units for cryptographic data protection in cyber-physical systemsHlukhov, Valerii; Kostyk, Andrii; Zholubak, Ivan; Rahma, Mohammed
Article2017Gamification as the tool of supporting digitalization processes and protection of cultural heritage in librariesPiechota, Grażyna
Conference Abstract2017Gamification: today and tomorrowYukhno, Katherine; Chubar, Eugenia
Conference Abstract2015Gamma-induced changes in optical transmission of As-S semiconductor glassesShpotyuk, Mykhaylo; Kovalenko, Andriy; Yakhnevych, Ulyana; Teslyuk, Dmytro
Article2003Gareth Richard Vaughan Jones (1905–1935)Colley, M. S.; Colley, N. L.
Article2013Gas condensate residual usage for oxidated bitumen productionFryder, Iryna; Pysh’yev, Serhiy; Grynyshyn, Oleh
Article2015Gas Dynamical Capillary Flowmeters of Small and Micro Flowrates of GasesStasiuk, Ivan
Article2015Gas-dynamic analyzer of nitrogen-hydrogen mixture for industrial applicationMatiko, Halyna; Pistun, Yevhen
Article2012Gaussian wiretap channel with collaborative wiretappersVoloshynovskiy, Svyatoslav; Holotyak, Taras; Prudyus, Ivan
Article19-Oct-2017Gears with asymmetric tooth profiles and new alternative method of their manufacturingHrytsay, Ihor
Article8-Jun-2017Gender issues in language and translation: English ↔ UkrainianBordyuk, Lyudmyla
Conference Abstract2015Gender metaphors in modern American proseKaspryshyn, Anna
Conference Abstract2016Gender stereotypes in Turkish soap operasKiran, Elif
Article2006General organization of information technology of defence of polygraphy documents with certain size of risk of their usePashkevitch, V.
Conference Abstract23-Dec-2017General principles and priorities of economic providing of sustainable development: realities and directions of improvementGolovko, Liliya
Article15-Jan-2018Generalization and application of the Cauchy–Poisson method to elastodynamics of a layer and the Timoshenko equationСелезов, І.; Selezov, I.