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PreviewTypeIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Article2012E-government in Poland – the genesis, the concept, the toolsGrzegorczyk, Agnieszka; Paszko, Anna
Article2016E-lerning na polskich uczelniach – zalety i zagrożeniaOstenda, Aleksander
Article2008e-PR public relations в інтернетіСудол-Пуш, І.
Article2017E-tourism recommender systems: a survey and development perspectivesArtemenko, O.; Kunanets, O.; Pasichnyk, V.
Article2017E-usługi informacyjne w bibliotekach akademickich z praktyki polskich bibliotekTonakiewicz-Kołosowska, Anna; Socik, Iwona
Proceedings Book2017E-usługi informacyjne w bibliotekach akademickich. Z praktyki polskich bibliotekTonakiewicz-Kołosowskak, Anna; Soci, Iwona
Article26-Jun-2019Earth’s figure changes – geodynamic factor of stressed-deformed litosphere stateЦерклевич, А. Л.; Шило, Є. О.; Шило, О. М.; Tserklevych, A. L.; Shylo, Ye. O.; Shylo, O. M.
article2009EB-PVD electrolyte for solid oxide fuel cellsBrychevskyi, M.; Vasylyev, O.; Dubykivskyi, L.; Sameluk, A.
Presentation2017EBSCO information technology solution for academic librariesWlodarczyk, Renata; Abramowska, Anna; Piera, Damian
Article18-May-2017Eco-innovation in enterprises producing electric and electronic equipmentDrozda, Mariola
Conference Abstract2016Ecological and economic foundations of air protection in the industrial city of Dnipropetrovsk regionTymoshenko, Lyubov; Us, Oleksandra
Article20-Jan-2017Ecological and energy aspects of using the combined solar collectors for low-energy housesShapoval, Stepan; Shapoval, Pavlo; Zhelykh, Vasyl; Pona, Ostap; Spodyniuk, Nadiya; Gulai, Bogdan; Savchenko, Olena; Myroniuk, Khrystyna
Article26-Feb-2018Ecological and genetic monitoring of the agro-and biodiversity of the coastal zone of Western GeorgiaBaratashvili, David
Conference Abstract26-Sep-2018Ecological and genetic monitoring of the agroand biodiversity of the coastal zone of western GeorgiaBaratashvili, D.
Conference Abstract26-Sep-2018Ecological and technological aspects of environmental protection techniques of domestic waste landfills environment protectionMedvid, M. I.; Chelyadyn, L. I.
Article24-Feb-2020Ecological aspects of alcohol industry enterprises modernization at present stage of developmentHavryshko, Marianna; Popovych, Olena; Yaremko, Halyna
Article2015Ecological balance in the development of town planning systems: historical aspectPetryshyn, Halyna
Article2016Ecological challenges in urban development of Lviv nowadaysPavliv, Andriy
Article2014Ecological innovations in UkraineDanylevych, N. M.; Yastrubskyy, M. Ya.; Sydorchuk, K. A.
Conference Abstract2016Ecological principales in design and operation of media librariesRumilets, Tatiana