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Article201012th European meeting on fire retardant polymersZaikov, Gennady; Madyuskina, Larisa; Artsis, Marina
Article2010Biodegradation of polymeric material and adhesive properties of cells of microorganismsZaikov, Gennady; Gumargalieva, Klara; Artsis, Marina
Conference Abstract23-Dec-2017Electrical properties of singleand multi-walled carbon nanotubes composites at low temperaturesKarbovnyk, Ivan; Lukashevych, Dmytro; Chalyy, Dmytro; Klym, Halyna
Technical Report2009Formation of stereocomplexes from star-shaped copolymers of ε-caprolactone and lactideŁukaszczyk, J.; Jelonek, P.; Trzebicka, B.
Technical Report2009Influence of polymer packaging degradation products on the growth of cyan bacteria toxic population of Baltic SeaJanik, Helena; Mycio, Paulina; Guzman, Agnieszka; Kosakowska, Alicja
Article2007Mathematical model of rheological behavior of silica suspension in hydroxypropyl methyl cellulose solutionOlijnyk, Liliana; Starchevsky, Volodymyr; Kyslenko, Volodymyr
Technical Report2009Nanocomposites of poly(vinyl chloride) with carbon nanotubes (cnt)Piszczek, Kazimierz; Sterzynski, Tomasz; Broza, Georg; Schulte, Karl
Article2008Polymers in polluted atmosphere. Free radical and ion-radical conversion initiated by nitrogen oxidesDavydov, Evgeniy; Pariiskii, Georgiy; Gaponova, Iryna; Pokholok, Tatyana; Zaikov, Gennady
Article2012Regularities of films forming on the basis of polyamide-polyvinylpyrrolidone mixturesSuberlyak, Oleh; Baran, Nataliya; Gnatowski, Adam; Jaruga, Tomash; Melnyk, Yuriy
Article2010Review: synthetic polymer hydrogels for biomedical applicationsGibas, Iwona; Janik, Helena