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Article20-Jan-2017About the problem of biological processes complicated by mass transferDyachok, Vasyl; Huhlych, Serhiy; Yatchyshyn, Yuri; Zaporochets, Yulia; Katysheva, Viktoriia
Article2013Biogas as a way to attract renewable energyKardasz, Piotr
Conference Abstract2016Combining RapidEye satellite images and forest inventory data for assesment of forest biomassMyroniuk, Viktor; Bilous, Andrii
Conference Abstract2016Determination of the activation energy of the reaction of photosynthesis in chlorophyll synthesizing microalgaeDyachok, Vasyl; Katysheva, Viktoriia
Article2014Energy saving technologies in production complexes for agricultural purposeZhelyh, V. M.; Kozak, Ch. R.; Furdas, Yu. V.; Spodiniuk, N. A.; Dzeryn, O. I.
Article2016Impact of the biomass pyrolysis parameters on the quality of biocarbon obtained from rape straw, rye straw and willow chipsSaletnik, B.; Bajcar, M.; Zaguła, G.; Czernicka, M.; Puchalski, C.
Article2016Influence of light energy wavelength on cultivation of Chlorella VulgarisGolub, N. B.; Levtun, I. I.
Article2013New machines for energy willow harvest in small plantationsNiemiec, Witold; Stachowicz, Feliks; Trzepieciński, Tomasz
Article2013Overview of innovative technologies for aviation fuels productionBoichenko, Sergii; Vovk, Oksana; Iakovlieva, Anna
Article2013Spatial modeling of greenhouse gas emissions from burning biomass in the residential sector in Volyn regionDanylo, Olha; Lyubinsky, Bogdan