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Proceedings Book2016Automated system for study course “designing methods”Karkulovskyi, B.; Karkulovskyy, V.; Kryvyy, R.; Korpyljov, D.; Panchak, R.
Article2012Computer-aided design system for technical and economical comparison of crane electrical drivesGerasymiak, Rostyslav; Busher, Viktor; Shvets, Liudmyla; Savich, Svitlana
Article2012Design automation of integrated circuits by network-on-chip technologyBykov, S. O.; Parnevich, P. V.; Mosin, S. G.
Article2006Information integration of cad tools for thermal design of microelectronic devises components at critical modes of functioningFedasyuk, D.; Bobalo, S.; Markelov, O.
Article2009Integration of classical teaching and computer aided machine designDudziak, M.; Krawiec, P.
Article2012Intelligent resource allocation of service-oriented networksSchill, Alexander; Gütter, Dietbert; Yaremko, Oleg
Article2006Methods and models for computer aided MEMS designTeslyuk, V.; Karkulyovskyy, V.; Lobur, M.; Pereyma, M.; Denysyuk, P.
Conference Abstract2016The research of the cyclohexane oxidation process using methods of engineering analysisKovalchuk, Andriy; Zakharkiv, Oleh; Ivashchuk, Oleksandr; Reutskyy, Viktor
Conference Abstract2016The research of the grain crops filtration dryingZakharkiv, Oleh; Kovalchuk, Andriy; Ivashchuk, Oleksandr; Mosiuk, Mykola; Atamanyuk, Volodymyr
Article2010UI technologies for CAD software development: evaluative approach of componentry applicationsLobur, Mykhaylo; Markelov, Oleksandr