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Article2004Technology of elliptical core holey fibers and their sensor propertiesWojcik, J.; Mergo, P.; Klimek, J.; Makara, M.
Article2004Testing algorithms for screening of large electronic systemsAndonova, A. S.; Atanasova, N. G.
Article2009The comparative analysis of single and multi-effect absorption cooling machinesRuciski, A.; Rusowicz, A.
Article2007The elastic-plastic bearing capacity investigation of thin-walled steel members with quasi-homogenous and combined cross-sectionsJuhas, P.; Kokorudova, Z.; Mohamad, Al Ali
Article2009The notion of epitaph in epigraphy and linguisticsPrystay, Nataliya
Article2009The numerical modeling and measurements for power plant condenserRusowicz, А.
Article2007The optimization of hydrotechnical concretes’ compositionKapelko, A.; Kapelko, R.
Article2004The power consumption reducing technique of the pseudo-random test pattern generator and the signature analyzer for the built-in self-testMurashko, І.; Yarmolik, V.; Puczko, M.
Article2004The radiation hardness of magnetic sensors and devices in extreme conditions of irradiation with high neutron fluxesBolshakova, I.; Brudnyi, V.; Boiko, V.; Kolin, N.; Kumada, М.; Leroy, C.; Merkurisov, D. D.
Article2007The redesign features of existing structuresKudzys, A.; Lukoševicien, O.; Bulota, P.
Article2009The role of GIS in evaluating cartographic and survey evidence in the determination of historic and cultural landscapesDixon-Gough, R.; Hernik, J.; Emilaire, R.; Wilson, L.; Wise, Ch.
Article2007The safety design methodology of beams of hyperstatic bar structuresKliukas, R.; Kudzys, Al.; Kudzys, An.
Article2007The tension in flanges of flexural continuous reinforced concrete beam of a T sectionKaras, S.; Slowik, M.; Demchyna, B.
Article2004The use of cad on the drift fender framework exampleRoman, M.
Article2007Thermal effect of energy producing equipment on the deterioration of fire-resistants and elimination of erosion products into the environmentAbraitis, R.; Abraitis, D.
Article2004Thermosensitive integrated circuits with relative temperature scaleHotra, O.; Lychkovskyj, E.; Stadnyk, B.
Article2009Time series analysis and forecasting intellectual methods using in epidemiology supervision systemOlga, Radivonenko; Tetiana, Korchak
Article2007Transfer innowacji pomidzy wyzsz4 uczelni4 a przedsibiorstwemDworczyk, M.; Kayіra, Z.
Article2002Transient temperature field in thick-film multilayer structuresBłąd, Grzegorz; Hotra, Zenon; Klepacki, Dariusz; Potencki, Jerzy
Article2002Using of moment method for parasitic parameters of printed circuits in planar structuresSabat, Wiesław; Kalita, Włodzimierz; Wisz, Bogusław; Sperling, Dieter