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PreviewTypeIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Article2009Hardware bitstream sequence recognizerKarpin, Oleksandr; Sokil, Volodymyr
Article2007Hot water distribution system - interrupted operationKapalo, P.
Article2002Hydrodynamic and energy-transport models for semiconductor device simulation: extensions and critical issuesGrasser, T.; Kosina, H.; Selberherr, S.
Article2002Hydrodynamic and energy-transport models for semiconductor device simulation: review of basic modelsGrasser, T.; Kosina, H.; Seiberherr, S.
Article2007Identification of the noise sources in a steel railway bridgeJanas, L.
Article2007Impact resistance of sfrm modified by varied superplasticizersKatzer, J.; Kobaka, J.
Article2000Incunabula архітектури українського театруПроскуряков, В. І.; Лучко, Л. І.
Article2009Inducing and Evaluating Rule-Based Classification Models from DataZavaliy, Taras
Article2003Integral and special methods in modelling of 3D electric fieldsDoležel, Ivo; Hamar, Roman; Karban, Pavel; Ulrych, Bohuš
Article2007Intermittent ground-fault modeling with EMTP/ATPKwapisz, A.; Lorenc, J.; Staszak, B.
Article2009Investigation of Date Transmission Rate Dependence in Wi-Fi NetworkGumenyuk, Bogdan
Article2002Investigation of indium antimonide microcrystals irradiated with fast neutronsBolshakova, I.; Leroy, C.; Kumada, M.
Article2007Investigation of stiffness of cable and W-form road guardrailsPrentkovskis, O.; Dabulevicien, L.; Prentkovskien, R.; Bogdevicius, M.; Blož, V.
Article2004Kohonen neural network in weather clutter statistics classificationJakubiak, A.
Article2007Large panel housing building in europe problems and solutionsPlewako, Z.
Article2009Legionella pneumophila & water distribution systemsOcipova, Daniela; Vranayova, Zuzana
Article2002Limitation of third harmonic of supply network current in phase control systems of commutator motorsGąska, Dariusz; Kalita, Włodzimierz; Zając, Kazimierz
Article2009Linguistic analysis of the human language memory: syntactic aspectZazulyak, Ulyana; Karamysheva, Iryna
Article2009Localization in Wireless Sensor Networks by learning movement pattern using Hidden Markov ModelKavitha, B.; Arthi, R.; Murugan, K.
Article2009Logical models and strategies in management of active systemsMounir, Gabsi; Sikora, L. S