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Article2002Eelectrooptical devices based on the structure of planar waveguide – smectic C* - planar waveguideMikityuk, Zenon; Dalanbayar, Bolormaa
Article2002Efficiency improvement of microelectronic devices for spectral transformation of signalsDorosh, Natalija; Kuchmiy, Galyna
Article2009Effort estimation for aspect oriented software development based on use case modelManojkumar, Archana; Jayanthi, Jayanthi
Article2009Electomagnetic field in human environment and method of its determinationStzalka-Goluszka, K.; Syrek, P.
Article2002Electromagnetic field strength sensor for traffic-safety securitySopilnyk, Lubomir
Article2004Electrooptical characteristics of the novelty system: ionic doped liquid crystal - conductive polymerMykytyuk, T.; Aksimentyeva, O.; Stakhira, P.; Cherpak, V.; Fechan, A.; Konopelnik, O.; Fomenko, V.; Hlushyk, I.
Article2001Elimination of finite eigenvalues of strongly singular systems by feedbacks in linear systemsKaczorek, Tadeusz
Article2003Elimination of the intermittent earth faultsLorenc, Jozef; Marcinkowski, Zygmunt; Musierowicz, Kazimierz
Article2007Energetic approach to investigation of chaotic behavior of low-dimensional dynamic systems and its illustration on a two-disc Rikitake dynamoPanek, D.; Hrusak, J.; Dolezel, I.
Article2002Epitaxial garnet films for microwave electronicsYushchuk, Stepan; Yuryev, Sergij
Article2007Equivalent standard axle loads analysis on lithuanian arterial highwaysŠukevicius, Š.
Article2001ERP в управлінні ланцюгами поставокВаселевський, М.
Article2000Estimated and actual speed of induction motor fed from DTC inverterJagiela, Kazimierz; Rak, Janusz; Jakubiec, Beata; Kepinski, Marian
Article2009Evaluation of ground-fault protections algorithms operation based on digital model implementingHandke, J.; Kwapisz, A.; Lorenc, J.; Staszak, B.
Article2009Evaluation of lower natural frequencies of axisymmetric vibrations of laminate circular plates clamped on the boundaryKatunin, Andrzej
Article2007Factors influenced on heat gains and heat losses in buildingsLis, A.
Article2003Fault discrimination by power protections during transient disturbancesMusierowicz, Kazimierz; Marcinkowski, Zygmunt
Article2009Features of the Crystal and Electronic Structures of the Zr1-xYxNiSn SemiconductorKrayovskyy, Roman; Romaka, Vitaly; Bovgyra, Oleg
Article2009Forms of Knowledge Representation in Enterprise Information TechnologiesDovgan, Svitlana
Article2009Fotointerpretacja z wykorzystaniem przetworzonych zobrazowań satelitarnychPiech, I.