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Article2004Determination of circuit parameters of high-frequency profile conductorsDolezel, І.; Dvorak, P.; Karban, P.; Ulrych, B.
Article2007Diminishing of legionella infection risk in hot water supplyVranayova, Z.; Kosicanova, D.; Ocipova, D.
Article2009Drogi rozwoju polskiej wsiPrzegon, W.
Article2002Dynamics of modulation spectrums of piezophotoconductivity of monopolar semiconductorStakhira, Pavlo; Stakhira, Roman
Article2002Eelectrooptical devices based on the structure of planar waveguide – smectic C* - planar waveguideMikityuk, Zenon; Dalanbayar, Bolormaa
Article2002Efficiency improvement of microelectronic devices for spectral transformation of signalsDorosh, Natalija; Kuchmiy, Galyna
Article2009Effort estimation for aspect oriented software development based on use case modelManojkumar, Archana; Jayanthi, Jayanthi
Article2009Electomagnetic field in human environment and method of its determinationStzalka-Goluszka, K.; Syrek, P.
Article2002Electromagnetic field strength sensor for traffic-safety securitySopilnyk, Lubomir
Article2004Electrooptical characteristics of the novelty system: ionic doped liquid crystal - conductive polymerMykytyuk, T.; Aksimentyeva, O.; Stakhira, P.; Cherpak, V.; Fechan, A.; Konopelnik, O.; Fomenko, V.; Hlushyk, I.
Article2001Elimination of finite eigenvalues of strongly singular systems by feedbacks in linear systemsKaczorek, Tadeusz
Article2003Elimination of the intermittent earth faultsLorenc, Jozef; Marcinkowski, Zygmunt; Musierowicz, Kazimierz
Article2007Energetic approach to investigation of chaotic behavior of low-dimensional dynamic systems and its illustration on a two-disc Rikitake dynamoPanek, D.; Hrusak, J.; Dolezel, I.
Article2002Epitaxial garnet films for microwave electronicsYushchuk, Stepan; Yuryev, Sergij
Article2007Equivalent standard axle loads analysis on lithuanian arterial highwaysŠukevicius, Š.
Article2001ERP в управлінні ланцюгами поставокВаселевський, М.
Article2000Estimated and actual speed of induction motor fed from DTC inverterJagiela, Kazimierz; Rak, Janusz; Jakubiec, Beata; Kepinski, Marian
Article2009Evaluation of ground-fault protections algorithms operation based on digital model implementingHandke, J.; Kwapisz, A.; Lorenc, J.; Staszak, B.
Article2009Evaluation of lower natural frequencies of axisymmetric vibrations of laminate circular plates clamped on the boundaryKatunin, Andrzej
Article2007Factors influenced on heat gains and heat losses in buildingsLis, A.