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Article2014Assessment of personnel risks at adoption of administrative decisionsTsvetkova, I.
Conference Abstract25-Jun-2018Author index-
Article2014Commercialization of high-tech products: theoretical-methodological aspectsShpak, N.; Knyaz, S.; Myroshchenko, N.; Kolomiyets, O.
Conference Abstract25-Jun-2018Committees-
Conference Abstract25-Jun-2018Content analysis of Text-based information in E-commerce systemsLytvyn, Vasyl; Vysotska, Victoria; Chyrun, Lyubomyr; Hrendus, Mariya; Naum, Oleh
Article2014Decreasing of error probability in telecommunication access networks by using amplitude modulation of many componentsKlymash, M.; Gorbatyy, I.
Conference Abstract25-Jun-2018Detection of gaps in documentation concerning remotepiloted aviation based on content analysisMarkiv, Volodymyr; Mykyichuk, Mykola; Markiv, Oksana
Conference Abstract25-Jun-2018DFA method for the analysis of Long-Range Correlations: Application to Statistical LinguisticsIvanitskyi, L. B.; Kushnir, O. S.
Conference Abstract25-Jun-2018Distinguishing between natural and random texts: a statistical measure linked to word clusteringKushnir, O. S.; Kashuba, A. I.; Yaremkiv, V. V.
Article2006Distributed ontologies structural-time analysis systemPavlov, D.
Article2015Drying of antioxidant composite materials based on table beetPetrovaa, Zhanna; Snezhkіna, Yuriy; Pazyukb, Vadym; Samoilenkoa, Kateryna
Conference Abstract25-Jun-2018Embedding speech recognition tools for custom software: Engines OverviewDovbysh, Arthur; Alieksieiev, Vladyslav
Conference Abstract25-Jun-2018Extracting and classification the semi-structured data of web-systemsPelekh, Irina
Article2014Factors influencing the enterprise innovationYachmeneva, V.; Vol’s’ka, G.
Article2014Factors used for modeling process of forming ecological management instruments of industrial enterprise based on cognitive cardsSvyatokho, N.
Article2014Freelancers in Ukraine: characteristics and principles of their activitySkybinskyi, O.; Solyarchuk, N.
Article2013Functionally logistic model оf commercial content processingBerko, A.; Vysotska, V.; Chyrun, L.
Article2015Fuzzy identification of technological objectsHorbiychuk, Mykhailo; Humeniuk, Taras; Povarchuk, Dmytro
Article2014Geodistributed analysis of forest phytomass: Subcarpathian voivodeship as a case studyStriamets, O.; Lyubinsky, B.; Charkovska, N.; Stryamets, S.; Bun, R.
Article2015Heat exchange between thermometer well and pipe wall in natural gas metering systemsFedoryshyn, Roman; Matiko, Fedir