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Article26-Jun-2018Angle of injection impact on the combustion process in a compression-ignition engineŁagowski, P.; Kurczyński, D.; Wcisło, G.; Pracuch, B.; Tomyuk, V.
Article26-Jun-2018Designing multi-agent gameplayTeslyuk, V.; Lozunskyi, A.; Teslyuk, T.; Denysyuk, P.
Article26-Jun-2018Influence of brine containing probiotic on the mechanical properties of fruit of selected varieties of field-grown cucumbers during the process of picklingGorzelany, J.; Migut, D.; Matłok, N.; Styka, A.; Kuźniar, P.
Article26-Jun-2018Influence of Perkins 1104D-44TA motor powered with SME supply on the CO, NOx, THC and O2 emissionsWcisło, G.; Kurczyński, D.; Łagowski, P.; Pracuch, B.; Leśniak, A.; Tomyuk, V.
Article26-Jun-2018Influence of the SME run Perkins 1104D-44TA engine on the power and torque as well as unitary and hourly fuel consumptionŁagowski, P.; Kurczyński, D.; Wcisło, G.; Pracuch, B.; Leśniak, A.; Tomyuk, V.
Article26-Jun-2018Linguistic approaches to the planning of educational services in higher education institutionZhezhnych, P.; Shilinh, A.
Article26-Jun-2018New data acquisition system for birch sap concentrate production using the reverse osmosis technologyWawer, J.; Bilek, M.; Sosnowski, S.
Article26-Jun-2018New technologies for extending shelf life of birch tree sapBilek, M.; Cebula, E.; Krupa, K.; Lorenc, K.; Adamowicz, T.; Sosnowski, S.
Article26-Jun-2018Sport area information resources consolidation projectMaruhno, O.; Kunanets, N.; Rzheuskyi, A.; Legeza, A.
Article26-Jun-2018The technology of augmented and virtual reality in teaching children with ASDAndrunyk, V.; Shestakevych, T.; Pasichnyk, V.
Article26-Jun-2018Зміст до “Econtechmod”-
Article26-Jun-2018Титульний аркуш до “Econtechmod”-