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Article2014An application of the fuzzy set theory and fuzzy logic to the problem of predicting the value of goods restsRybytska, O.; Vovk, M.
Article2016Analysis of business processes in electronic content-commerce systemsVysotska, V.; Chyrun, L.; Kozlov, P.
Article2017Analysis of computer vision and image analysis technicsRybchak, Z.; Basystiuk, O.
Article2017Analysis of methods and means of text miningRybchak, Z.; Basystiuk, O.
Article2016Analysis of the costs and cost-efficiency of regeneration of modern fuel injection systems in CI enginesOsipowicz, T.
Article2016Analytical model of foil consumption for cylindrical bale wrappingStępniewski, A.; Nowak, Ja.; Stankiewicz, A.
Article2016Analytical review of medical mobile diagnostic systemsKordiyak, D.; Shakhovska, N.
Article2016Applications of the combinatorial configurations for optimization of technological systemsRiznyk, V.
Article2016Automation of determining the range of values for MEMS resistive parametersTeslyuk, Vasyl; Beregovska, Khrystyna; Pukach, Andrii; Ivantsiv, Roman-Andriy
Article2016Basic concepts of dynamic recurrent neural networks developmentBoyko, N.; Pobereyko, P.
Article2016Basic concepts of evolution in agents calculating and agents systemBoyko, N.; Kutyuk, O.
Article2017Building computer vision systems using machine learning algorithmsBoyko, N.; Sokil, N.
Article2014Business process modelling using ontological task modelsBurov, Y.
Article2017Cloud managers – an innovative approach to the management of the library information resourcesRzheuskiy, A.; Kunanets, N.; Kut, V.
Article2014Considering the negative factors in enterprise managementKozyk, V.; Seliuchenko, N.; Masiuk, V.
Article2014Cross-border cooperation of enterprises: essence and significanceKuzmin, O.; Kravchenko, I.
Article2017Decision support methods in a competitive environment based on Boyd cycle by means of ontology useLytvyn, V.; Oborska, O.; Demchuk, A.; Krupa, D.
Article2016Design of intelligent component of hierarchical control systemTsmots, I.; Medykovskyy, M.; Skorokhoda, A.; Teslyuk, T.
Article2016Development the methods of optimum placement undirected planar objects with piecewise non-linear boundaries in the multiply areaChaplya, Yu.; Sobol, O.
Article2016Development trends of the international derivatives marketMotorniuk, U.; Terebukh, M.; Kharchuk, V.