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Article1-Jan-2017Applied model of assessment of intensity of the stressed deformed state of pipelines by evaluation ofmagnetic anisotropy of coercive forces. Part 1Biloborodchenko, Volodymyr
Article1-Jan-2017Dynamic properties predictions for laminated plates by high order theoriesDiveyev, Bohdan
Article1-Jan-2017Hydrocutting of frozen food productsPogrebnyak, Volodymyr
Article1-Jan-2017Investigation of influence of the train motion speed on the process of the rolling stock derailment in the presence of railway track obliqueBatig, Andriy
Article1-Jan-2017Justification of efficiency of epicyclical gear train in device for speed changes managementStrilets, Oleh; Strilets, Volodymyr
Article1-Jan-2017Modelling of the articulated vehicle dynamics taking into account the elastically fastened freightZhytenko, Oleksandr; Zalutskyi, Yurii
Article1-Jan-2017Operational conditions of vehicles motion and formation of urban driving cycle in the city of LvivVasyuhnyk, Juriy
Article1-Jan-2017Optimization of structure of sorting vibratory separatorsShenbor, Vladyslav; Korendiy, Vitaliy; Brusentsov, Volodymyr
Article1-Jan-2017Propagation of plane elastic-tough-plastic waves in the materialwith yield delayAndrusyk, Yaroslav
Article1-Jan-2017Study of surface microstrains by electron speckle-interferometrymethodsGokhman, Olexsandr; Kondrya, Marianna
Article1-Jan-2017Substantiation of the process of vertical transportation of piece loadsNishchenko, Iryna; Borovets, Volodymyr
Article1-Jan-2017The influence of chemical-thermal treatment on granulometric characteristics of titanium sponge powderTrostyanchyn, Andriy; Lemishka, Ihor; Skrebtsov, Andriy; Ovchinnikov, Oleksandr