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Article20-січ-2017Application of cluster approach to the development of industrial potential: innovative policy and management supportKuzmin, O.; Stanasyuk, N.; Olikhovska, M.
Article20-січ-2017Assessment of governmental bodies officials activity results based on factor model developmentYaremko, I.; Karkovska, V.
Article20-січ-2017Basic objects of control organizationLytvynenko, N.
Article20-січ-2017Basic principles of scientific research in higher education institutions: management and financingZhuk, L.
Article20-січ-2017Concept of tax planning at the enterpriseZagorodniy, A.; Olikhovskyi, V.
Article2017Conceptualmodel for economic evaluation of innovative technologiesKozyk, V.; Mrykhina, O.; Mirkunova, T.
Article20-січ-2017Effectiveness of innovative value-oriented marketing solutions on dairy marketStets, O.; Krykavskyy, Ye.
Article2017Functional purpose and approaches to building account plans in the historical retrospectiveLemishovska, O.
Article2017Importance of e-commerce in the development of economyand businessKhoma, I.; Kostiuk-Pukaliak, O.
Article20-січ-2017Increasing the level of customers service at service centres as a factor of mobile operators competitive position strengtheningKosar, N.; Kuzo, N.
Article20-січ-2017Model of economic evaluation of intellectual capital of machine-building enterprises and potential of their developmentKuzmin, O.; Prokopenko, I.
Article2017Modern management solutions for logistics, finance and human resources in defense and security servicesKuck, J.
Article2017Network communication and political and economic advantageKaźmierczak, D.
Article2017Rationality in decision-making within interorganisational networksDanylovych-Kropyvnytska, M.; Limański, A.
Article20-січ-2017Strategic segmentation of customers in the market of primary real estateNakonechna, T.; Hryniv, N.
Article2017Support of the students entrepreneurial intentions within the higher education systemOkręglicka, M.; Shulgina, L.
Article2017The choice of languages forwebsite of organizations in case ofmultilingual customersUgolkov, I.; Karyy, O.
Article2017The effect of globalization factors on the selection ofmanagement technologiesPolyanska, A.; Drabik, I.
Article2017The essence and methodical approaches to the evaluation of the tourist potential of the territoryMuzychenko-Kozlovska, O.; Symak, A.
Article20-січ-2017The impact of immigration processes on country’s development, case study of the united kingdomVoytsekhovska, V.; Symak, A.