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Article18-Jun-2018Building an ontology for system analysisBurov, Ye.; Pasichnyk, V.; Katrenko, A.
Article18-Jun-2018Context modelling in process of developing employment solutionsZavushchak, I.; Burov, Ye.; Pasichnyk, V.
Article18-Jun-2018Determination of the stationary thermal state of simple geometry layered structureswith themperature dependent heat conductivity factorsMakhorkin, M.; Makhorkin, I.; Makhorkina, T.
Article18-Jun-2018Development of a web application for publishing it startupsJ. Mauricio Morocho Garzon; Kunanets, N.; Rzheuskyi, A.
Article18-Jun-2018Development of online taxi ridesharing applicationPopova, A.; Kunanets, N.; Rzheuskyi, A.
Article18-Jun-2018Fog computing and Big data in projects of class smart cityDuda, O.; Kunanets, N.; Matsiuk, O.; Pasichnyk, V.; Rzheuskyi, A.
Article18-Jun-2018Models of temporal dependencies for a probabilistic knowledge baseChala, O.
Article18-Jun-2018Processing of data on the intensity of solar radiation for solar power plant management systemsMedykovskyy, M.; Melnyk, R.
Article18-Jun-2018Smartphone app with usage of AR technologies – SolAR SystemShchur, G.; Shakhovska, N.; Rybchak, Z.
Article18-Jun-2018Software architecture design of the information technology for real-time business process monitoringBatyuk, A.; Voityshyn, V.
Article18-Jun-2018The use of combinatorial methods for sound scanning of objectsTsmots, I.; Riznyk, O.; Rabyk, V.
Article18-Jun-2018Зміст до "Econtechmod"-
Other2017Зміст до "Econtechmod" Volum 6, number 2-
Article18-Jun-2018Титульний аркуш до "Econtechmod"-
Other2017Титульний аркуш до "Econtechmod" Volum 6, number 2-