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Article15-Jun-2017Carbon monoxide oxidation on the Pt-catalyst: modelling and stabilityРижа, І.; Мацелюх, М.; Ryzha, I.; Matseliukh, M.
Article15-Jun-2017Determination of normal frequencies and modes of liquid sloshing in reservoir with variable bottomКовалець, С.; Лимарченко, О.; Kovalets, S.; Limarchenko, O.
Article15-Jun-2017Instructions to the authors-
Article15-Jun-2017Numerical analysis of the advection-diffusion problems in thin curvilinear channel based on multiscale finite element methodМазуряк, Н.; Савула, Я.; Mazuriak, N.; Savula, Ya.
Article15-Jun-2017On a numerical quasiconformal mapping method for the medium parameters identification using applied quasipotential tomographyБомба, А.; Бойчура, М.; Bomba, A.; Boichura, M.
Article15-Jun-2017Optimal algorithms for computing multiple integralsБандирський, Б.; Гошко, Л.; Лазурчак, І.; Мельник, М.; Bandyrskii, B.; Hoshko, L.; Lazurchak, I.; Melnyk, M.
Article15-Jun-2017Optimal scheduling of operating modes of the gas transmission systemПритула, Н.; Фролов, В.; Притула, М.; Prytula, N.; Frolov, V.; Prytula, M.
Article15-Jun-2017Simple epidemiology model for a non-immune disease with ordinary and resistant carriersІльницький, Г.; Ільницький, Я.; Ilnytskyi, H.; Ilnytskyi, J.
Article15-Jun-2017Solutions of coupled problem of thermomechanics for electroconductive hollow cylinder under non-stationary electromagnetic actionМусій, Р.; Дрогомирецька, Х.; Орищишин, О.; Musij, R.; Drohomyretska, Kh.; Oryshchyn, O.
Article15-Jun-2017Solving of differential equations systems in the presence of fractional derivatives using the orthogonal polynomialsП’янило, Я.; Браташ, О.; П’янило, Г.; Pyanylo, Ya.; Bratash, O.; Pyanylo, G.
Article15-Jun-2017The algorithms of constructing the continued fractions for any rations of the hypergeometric Gaussian functionsМанзій, О.; Гладун, В.; Вентик, Л.; Manziy, O.; Hladun, V.; Ventyk, L.
Article15-Jun-2017The formulation and development of methods of solving thermomechanics problems for irradiated layered solidsГачкевич, О.; Терлецький, Р.; Турій, О.; Hachkevych, O.; Terlets’kyi, R.; Turii, O.
Article15-Jun-2017The influence of the axial rotation on the degenerate dwarfs characteristicsВаврух, М.; Смеречинський, С.; Дзіковський, Д.; Vavrukh, M.; Smerechynskyi, S.; Dzikovskyi, D.