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Conference Abstract23-Dec-2017A fitted numerical method for singularly perturbed integro differential equations with delayErdogan, Fevzi; Sakar, Mehmet Giyas
Conference Abstract23-Dec-2017About problem of absorption of greenhouse gas by chlorophyilsynthesizing microalgae in the presence of sulfur dioxideDyachok, Vasyl; Katysheva, Viktoriia
Conference Abstract23-Dec-2017Activation of alcohol yeastPalianytsia, Liubov; Berezovska, Natalia; Kosiv, Ruslana; Pikh, Zorian; Kharandiuk, Tetiana
Conference Abstract23-Dec-2017Adsorption of Cu2 + and Cr3 + cations by modified sorbentsSabadash, Vira; Habuda, Alina; Gumnitsky, Yaroslav
Conference Abstract23-Dec-2017Agricultural products in the international marketMoiseenko, Darya; Mushyn, Ivanna; Golovko, Liliya
Conference Abstract23-Dec-2017Analysis of archival cartographic materials for the modeling of digital terrain model of the Lviv city landfill during 1988-2008Lozynskyi, Viktor
Conference Abstract23-Dec-2017Analysis of experimental researches of wood gasification process in a continuous layerLys, Stepan; Rymar, Tetyana; Yurasova, Oksana; Bura, Mykhaylo
Conference Abstract23-Dec-2017Analysis of factors which define time losses in traffic flowBura, Romana; Davosyr, Vladyslav
Conference Abstract23-Dec-2017Analysis of process parameters of wastewater treatment of edible oils productionDyachok, Vasyl; Marakhovska, Anastasia
Conference Abstract23-Dec-2017Analysis of pulse-width modulation methodsFedoryshyn, Roman; Klos, Sviatoslav
Conference Abstract23-Dec-2017Analysis of success factors in advertisingFedorchak, Oleksiy; Kedebecz, Kristina
Conference Abstract23-Dec-2017Analysis of the dynamics of sales volumes of the domestic machinebuilding complexMartyniuk, Volodymyr; Tur, Nazarii
Conference Abstract23-Dec-2017Analysis of the environmental impact Ltd." Tarkett Vinisin" KalushSvyryda, Iryna; Popovych, Olena
Conference Abstract23-Dec-2017Anthraquinonylhydrazones of α-active ketones and β-carbonyl-containing compunds: synthesis and antioxidant activityKopak, Nazar; Stasevych, Maryna; Zvarych, Viktor; Deniz, Nahide Gulsah; Sayil, Cigdem; Ozyurek, Mustafa; Guclu, Kubilya; Vovk, Mykhailo; Novikov, Volodymyr
Conference Abstract23-Dec-2017Application of big data in historical scienceKhymytsia, Nataliia; Ustyianovych, Taras
Conference Abstract23-Dec-2017Application of forecast methods to determine the functional condition of the driverPlesak, Stepan; Pryhoda, Mariya; Sosed, Anastasiya
Conference Abstract23-Dec-2017Application of oil and fat industrial wastes for modification of the fillersChobit, M. R.; Vasylyev, V. P.; Panchenko, Yu. V.
Conference Abstract23-Dec-2017Approach To implementation on Fpga of data compression algorithm C Llanguage descriptions by the means of vivado packageKhomits, Valya; Hlukhov, Valeriy
Conference Abstract23-Dec-2017Assessment of water resources in city Stryi of Lviv regionHyvlyud, A.; Pohrebennyk, V.; Politylo, R.
Conference Abstract23-Dec-2017Bearing capacity of anchors in thin aerated concrete masonry under tension and shear loadingVerba, Volodymyr; Charaf, Younes; Ouassim, Tahri