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Article26-Feb-2018Andriy Rudnytskyi as a Ukrainian scholar and urbanistПосацький, Богдан; Posatskyy, Bohdan
Article26-Feb-2018Architectural image development in the cities of western Ukraine (at the turn of the 20th and 21st century)Посацький, Богдан; Posatskyy, Bohdan
Article26-Feb-2018City reconnection as based on the project from street to city by Thomas B. Thriges gade, Odense, DenmarkГазінська, Ольга; Gazińska, Olga
Article26-Feb-2018Degradation of the forest parks in conditions of the development of Lviv agglomerationЛукащук, Галина; Lukashchuk, Halyna
Article26-Feb-2018“Mistoznavstvo / city-studies”: ethymology of the term and its application in UkraineПетришин, Галина; Petryshyn, Halyna
Article26-Feb-2018Multi-modal transportation hubs as the elements of a policentric system of the greater city’ center formation (by example of Lviv city)Мазур, Тамара; Король, Євгенія; Mazur, Tamara; Korol, Evgeniya
Article26-Feb-2018Professor Andriy Rudnytskyi and his impact on forming the Lviv’s architectural environment of the second half of he 20th centuryЧеркес, Богдан; Дида, Ірина; Cherkes, Bohdan; Dyda, Iryna
Article26-Feb-2018Results of practical implementation of large town planning projects in rural areas in the 80’s of the 20th century in Ukraine (by example of villages constructed for the Chornobyl zone out-migrants)Гнесь, Людмила; Hnes, Ludmyla
Article26-Feb-2018Revalorization of parks of historical suburban estates based on the example of Obroshyne villageДідик, Володимир; Didyk, Volodymyr
Article26-Feb-2018Similar urbanistic approach to foundation of the early middle age cities (up to 13th century) in Poland and in UkraineДида, Ірина; Dyda, Iryna
Article26-Feb-2018Spiritual and philosophical values in the profession and training of an architect. Personality against the time backgroundГабрель, Микола; Habrel, Mykola
Article26-Feb-2018Stereotypes of architectural theory and authentic creative workКриворучко, Юрій; Kryvoruchko, Yuriy
Article26-Feb-2018Street witheringМажецький, Вальдемар; Marzęcki, Waldemar
Article26-Feb-2018The role of urban-planning impulses in the activity of city-wide institutionsПавлів, Андрій; Pavliv, Andriy
Article26-Feb-2018The spatial organization of sacral squares in the system of cityКознарська, Галина; Koznarska, Halyna
Article26-Feb-2018The use of the B. Hillier`s method for the significantcity public space analysisСоснова, Надія; Sosnova, Nadiya
Article26-Feb-2018To the problems of formation of architecture of the railway passenger nodes in LvivРочняк, Юрій; Rotchniak, Youri
Article26-Feb-2018Transformation of urban spaces of Lviv in 20ht–21st centuriesРусанова, Ірина; Rusanova, Iryna
Article26-Feb-2018Urban landscape and greenery protectionЧекіль-Світальська, Ельжбета; Czekiel-Świtalska, Elżbieta
Article26-Feb-2018Urbanistic strategies of historical cities: workshop revitalization of market square in LutskКриворучко, Ольга; Kryvoruchko, Olha