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Article26-Feb-2019Data Correction Using Hamming Coding and Hash Function and its CUDA ImplementationMelnyk, Anatoliy; Kozak, Nazar
Article26-Feb-2019Distributed Adaptation of the Functional Integration Structure of a Multi-Agent System in a Dual-Tasking EnvironmentBotchkaryov, Oleksii
Article26-Feb-2019GDP in Value as a Measure for Evaluating Annual Data Flow Increase on IoTZhukov, Igor; Pechurin, Nickolay; Kondratova, Lyudmila; Pechurin, Sergey
Article26-Feb-2019Identification of the Defect in the Elastic Layer by Sounding of the Normal Sh-WaveVoytko, Myron; Kulynych, Yaroslav; Grynenko, Mychaylo; Kuryliak, Dozyslaw
Article26-Feb-2019Method for Time Minimization of Api Requests Service from Cyber-Physical System to Cloud Database Management SystemPavych, Nataliya; Pavych, Tetyana
Article26-Feb-2019Numerical Simulation of Cyber-Physical Biosensor Systems on the Basis of Lattice Difference EquationsMartsenyuk, Vasyl; Kłos-Witkowska, Aleksandra; Sverstiuk, Andriy; Bahrii-Zaiats, Oksana
Article26-Feb-2019Perspective Components of Cyber-Physical Systems implementing Conversion, Coding Data Exchange, and User Communication ProcessesNykolaychuk, Yaroslav; Voronych, Artur; Vozna, Nataliia; Nykolaychuk, Lyubov; Pituh, Ihor; Grynchyshyn, Taras
Article26-Feb-2019PSoC4 based IntelLigent Water Consumption MeterKomarenko, Oleksandr; Hrytsyk, Ivan
Article26-Feb-2019Simple Universal Translator as an Alternative Compiler-CompilerMelnyk, Anatoliy; Kozak, Nazar
Article26-Feb-2019The Methods of Choice the Wavelets for One Dimensional Signals ProcessingLagun, Ilona