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Conference Abstract19-Oct-2018Numerical simulation of separated currents and heat transfer in a channel with discrete roughnessSidenko, Natalia; Dzelzitis, Egils
Conference Abstract19-Oct-2018Different control of the semi-active vibration absorberDiveyev, Bohdan; Hlobchak, Mykhajlo; Kernytskyy, Ivan; Cherchyk, Gennadij
Conference Abstract19-Oct-2018Magneto-rheological materials dynamic properties investigation using refined layer-wise theoryDiveyev, Bohdan; Horbay, Orest; Konyk, Ihor; Velhan, Ihor
Conference Abstract19-Oct-2018Basic principles of functioning of the hybrid cryptographic systemBelej, Olexander
Conference Abstract19-Oct-2018Analysis of steady-states of continuous-time impulse K-winners-take-all neural networkTymoshchuk, Pavlo
Conference Abstract19-Oct-2018Simulation of the structure of proton-exchange membrane fuel cell by microlevel cellular modelsJaworski, Nazariy; Marikutsa, Uliana; Farmaha, Ihor; Karkulovskyy, Volodymyr
Conference Abstract19-Oct-2018Видавнича сторінка-
Conference Abstract19-Oct-2018About some statistical laws of the processing of experimental data of complex systemsKosobutskyy, Petro; Lobur, Mykhailo; Nestor, Natalya; Morgulis, Alla
Conference Abstract19-Oct-2018Coventor MEMS+ application for simulation rotational motion microsensorNazdrowicz, Jacek
Conference Abstract19-Oct-2018The method and algorithm for increasing diversity in recommendation systemsLobur, Mykhailo; Shvarts, Mykhaylo; Stekh, Yuriy
Conference Abstract19-Oct-2018Definition of the path with minimum total length on base the flows between nodes of the networkMazur, Vitaliy
Conference Abstract19-Oct-2018Зміст до "САПР у проектуванні машин. Задачі впровадження та навчання"-
Conference Abstract19-Oct-2018Electrical model of vibratory micro angular velocity sensorNazdrowicz, Jacek; Jankowski, Mariusz
Conference Abstract19-Oct-2018Mathematical modeling of the phase transitions in the process of heat-and-mass transfer in anisotropic materialsSokolovskyy, Yaroslav; Gayvas, Bogdana; Boretska, Iryna; Kroshnyy, Igor
Conference Abstract19-Oct-2018Software for the study of three-dimensional assemblies by using cellular automataSokolovskyy, Yaroslav; Sinkevych, Oleksiy
Conference Abstract19-Oct-2018Improvement of the method of transformation of numerical matrices by algorithm of their balancingKhanas, Yuriy; Ivantsiv, Roman-Andriy
Conference Abstract19-Oct-2018Temperature distribution on continuous-drive friction welding involving plastic deformationŁukaszewicz, Andrzej
Conference Abstract19-Oct-2018Possibilities of modelling overvoltage protection systems in electrical networksBorecki, Michał; Khanas, Yuriy
Conference Abstract19-Oct-2018Modeling MEMS membranes characteristicsNevliudov, Igor; Bortnikova, Viktoriia; Chala, Olena; Maksymova, Svitlana
Conference Abstract19-Oct-2018Finite element type and the features of the I-beam simulation influence on the calculation resultsNevliudov, Igor; Yevsieiev, Vladyslav; Kolesnyk, Konstantin; Saliieva, Veliade