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Article2010Calculation of NMR 13C spectra of pentanol and its esters as an example of effective application of additivity of chemical shift Increments for attributed signals in aliphatic compounds spectraMizyuk, Volodymyr; Shibanov, Volodymyr
Article2011Effect of spectra recording conditions on the example of chemical shifts calculation in CMR spectra of 1-pentylbenzoylformateMizyuk, Volodymyr; Shibanov, Volodymyr
Article2015Effect of substituent geometrical parameters on the chemical shifts of ortho- and meta-protones in NMR 1H spectra of monosubstituted benzenesMizyuk, Volodymyr; Shibanov, Volodymyr
Article2012Interaction between molecule fragments unbound by chemical bonds through the space during NMR 1H spectra registrationMizyuk, Volodymyr; Shibanov, Volodymyr
Article2009Peculiarities of 13 C NMR spectra of benzoylformic acid and its esters. 1. Benzoyl fragmentMizyuk, Volodymyr; Shibanov, Volodymyr
Article2008Peculiarities of NMR 13C spectra of benzoic acid and alkylbenzoates. II. Regular spectra differences between benzoic fragments of alkylbenzoates, derivatives of primary, secondary and tertiary alcoholsMizyuk, Volodymyr; Shibanov, Volodymyr; Kobrin, Lesja; Marshalok, Galyna; Elagin, Georgiy
Article2014Peculiarities of NMR 1H and 13C spectra of alkyl groups in functionalized linear alkanes of the general formula CH3(CH2)MYMizyuk, Volodymyr; Shibanov, Volodymyr
Article2008Peculiarities of NMR13C spectra of benzoic acid and saturated alkylbenzoates. I. Chemical shiftof benzoyl fragmentcarbon atomsMizуuk, Volodymyr; Shibanov, Volodymyr; Kobrin, Lesya; Marshalok, Galyna; Elagin, Georgiy
Article2010Peculiarities of NMR1H and 13C spectra of benzoates and benzoylformates carbalkoxyl fragmentsMizyuk, Volodymyr; Shibanov, Volodymyr
Article2012Study of the influence of substituent R nature in phenylsulfones derivatives PhSO2R on the chemical shifts of phenyl ring protons in NMR 1H spectraMizyuk, Volodymyr; Shibanov, Volodymyr